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Tools for authoring Atmosphere content

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Great tools for authoring additional Atmosphere content


AtmoKits are preset themed kits which you can plug into your Adobe Atmosphere software, saving you time and effort in the creation of your 3D environments. Read more about Atmokits here

Maya Personal Learning

Free download of Maya Personal Learning Edition 5 is available immediately at .
The Maya Personal Learning Edition is for Mac OS(R) X and Microsoft(R) Windows(R) 2000 Professional and Windows XP operating systems and is available with online documentation. Japanese online documentation can be obtained at the Alias Japan web site, .
For those new to 3D, the Learning Maya(TM) | Beginner's Guide package can be purchased for $19.99(1) at the Alias online store at . The Beginner's Guide contains a one-hour DVD learning guide with English, French, German, Japanese and Korean language tracks, an Introduction to Maya booklet and a bonus Maya Personal Learning Edition 5 CD.

3D Design and Animation tools for the Web Age


Create your own Atmosphere Avatars with ease with AvatarLab, a great product from the creators of Poser

Viewpoint Scene Builder

The tool to assemble and publish your Viewpoint models.

3D Canvas

A cost effective real time 3D modeller and animator

Accutrans 3D

Provides accurate translation of 3D geometry between the file formats


A tool to clean up and lighten MP3's

Rolu's Tools

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