Atmosphere launched! November 19th "Adobe Atmosphere Unleashes the Power of 3-D Multimedia Interactive Environments" Congratulations to the Adobe Atmosphere Team!
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We hope you enjoy cruising The Street.
Inspired by cyberpunk and sci-fi cities,
The Street is a labyrinth of interconnected Atmosphere spaces representing a city of the near future. The Street is a metaverse of levitating click-cabs, cyborg-cops and some interesting back alley businesses. We hope you enjoy cruising The Street.
"Lisa" by Erik Senst
Soaring Gulls by Jim Coe
This months featured
Avatar is Erik Senst's
Lisa, a Student from Bielefeld University in Germany

Jim Coe has provided
a great addition for your Atmosphere Environments with his Soaring Gulls.
There is also a 3D Virtual Tour
of Bielefeld University Library
in the Environment Section of the Atmospherians Directory
This kit provides you with all that is necessary to introduce these soaring birds to your environment. Also take a look at Jim's Site there are some excellent tips on Atmosphere lighting and audio.

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Adobe Atmosphere: Seybold Hot Pick for 2003
Adobe Atmosphere:
Seybold Hot Pick for 2003
Why it’s hot? The attendees at a certain long-ago Seybold conference may remember when PowerPoint made its debut. We predict that Atmosphere will have every bit as great an impact on how information is communicated.
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