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The World
blaxxun interactive has opened the doors to the coolest VRML club in Cyberspace. Fly through the star gate right in your Netscape browser with the blaxxun Contact 4.0 plug-in. Ultra modern avatars gracefully strut their stuff in this vision of cyberpunk reality. Travel through the Contact 4.0 galaxy of worlds and if you are a true pioneer, build your own world and come as your own avatar!

Get It!
Download Contact 4.0 From: http://www.blaxxun.com or from the European mirror at http://www.blaxxun.de
Size of download (Beta): approx 3.1 Megs
Hard disk resources: approx 5 Megs
Platforms Supported: Windows (95, NT)
Setup: Simple, self installing EXE file
Cost: Free free free!
What happens there
You read about the Metaverse in Snowcrash, now come and experience the real Black Sun. Blaxxun Contact 4.0 is built with VRML (the Virtual Reality Modeling Language). VRML is open, and this means that you can build your own world and avatar with VRML and connect it to this vast and expanding labyrinth of blaxxun worlds. Chat in text or Cooltalk voice (if you have it plugged in to Netscape) or even start Microsoft NetMeeting to talk with other blaxxun citizens. See the story of The Chicago Five for a peek at what citizens of blaxxun worlds are up to.

What you will experience
In Club blaxxun Contact 4.0

CCPro Home

blaxxun Contact 4.0 Entry Plaza

The original PointWorld!

blaxxun Contact 4.0 Hot and Useful Sites

Official Web sites from blaxxun

Stories of blaxxun Citizens

Worlds built by the community of blaxxun users

Some of these worlds can be visited with the old CyberGate program from Black Sun (which is called CyberGate and runs independently of Netscape). CyberGate is an impressive application, and if you are having trouble with blaxxun Contact 4.0, I recommend that you try CyberGate (download it from the blaxxun Web site. The new program (called blaxxun Contact 4.0) can be used to visit all the worlds.

Companies building blaxxun and other virtual worlds

Visit Lunatic Interactive GmbH which designed and built most of the blaxxun projects core worlds.

Barnegat Communications is an Internet service company specializing in providing a Web presence for small- to medium-sized companies. It offers high-quality page design, site hosting, virtual domains, search engines, and more to create rich VRML worlds.

CGI Inc. combines its expertise in 3D graphics, animation, and modeling to create rich VRML worlds and Web site design. It offers a wide range of design formats including HTML, Java, and VRML, created with the latest tools.

Cybertown is a futuristic off-world town with entertainment, information, community, and interactivity. Cybertown's design division also creates sophisticated VR worlds for other companies.

IntelLink Inc. combines decades of expertise in 3D graphics, animation, programming skills, and (most importantly) marketing savvy to create exciting interactive VRML worlds and dynamic Web sites. Its wide range of design talents include VRML, HTML, Java, and CGI (PERL and C)ócreated with the latest tools. IntelLink's creativity was the driving force behind the creation of blaxxun Contact 4.0 client's launch contestóCyberRoute 96.

Lost Wax Media Limited is a VRML research, design, and production company based in London. It specializes in designing and building multi-user virtual worlds for corporate and financial sector clients. Please e-mail lostwax@pobox.com for further details.

Market Central Steel Studio is now creating commercial virtual worlds for progressive Internet sites. It is continually releasing new models with enhanced features, so stay tuned.

Planet 9 Studios builds virtual worlds on the Internet for business and entertainment purposes for clients such as Apple, Intel, and Microsoft. It built the first VRML world, called Virtual SOMA (representing the South of Market district of San Francisco).

Ross Finlayson offers services in many areas of computer systems, including integration of legacy applications, and cutting-edge applets. Its development experience, combined with the latest in 3D design, offers rich and exciting VRML worlds.

Simberon designs, creates, and hosts interactive 3D worlds, along with custom avatars and bots to enhance the interactivity of these worlds. Simberon also develops custom worlds, avatars, and bots for commercial clients.

Superbusiness NET develops successful Internet business Web sites for entertainment, high technology, and retail companies, with an emphasis on interactive multimedia sites, Shockwave, and VRML design. SuperBusiness NET also develops high-end database solutions for Intranet and commerce applications.

3Name3D offers full-service development capabilities for the game, film, broadcast, and Internet industries. 3Name3D specializes in 3D visualization of environments and characters, such as sports stadiums, dinosaurs, and VRML avatars.

Virtual Horizons offers multimedia communications and 3D visualization, with special emphasis on VRML for corporate and business uses.

Some Individual User's Sites and Worlds

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