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Exploring and Building
Virtual Worlds on the Internet
Interior Color Images Gallery
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Centerfold images
The Avabar Scene created by artist Roger Zuidema shows avatars from a whole variety of virtual worlds in a digital mixer. The bar in the good ship Avatar is a popular place to take a break from the duties of exploring the new worlds of digital space. See if you can find avatars from all of the virtual worlds in the book. There are even a couple of digital biota in this scene. Overhead view of the AlphaWorld cityscape. Building started in the summer of 1995 from the central Ground Zero point. The square white border around ground zero is the December 1995 boundary. When the new land was added, growth exploded outwards as new towns, roadways, forests were created by some of 200,000 user citizens. Teleport stations caused growth around popular drop points. See if you can find the airport, the circular land art formations, the freeway, Sherwood Forest Towne, and Lee’s least wandered path which emerges from Ground Zero and wanders around the entire 1995 AlphaWorld. Teleport with this map from the Fabulous VEVO Philips Alphaworld Mapper

First steps into digital space aboard the Worlds Chat space station
Helen Cho’s gingerbread baby avatar arriving at the hub in the Worlds Chat space station. Veteran users strut their stuff in custom designed avatars. Force field in the Worlds Chat observation deck designed to keep newbies at bay!

Scenes from the Active Worlds universe
The East Gate AlphaWord. This is a grand central teleport hall taking avatars to distant parts of AlphaWorld. The teleports on the left are outgoing and those on the right are incoming. You can stand here and watch the hustle and bustle of avatar humanity flowing through. Yellowstone National Park inside Active Worlds, built for the National Park Service by Circle of Fire Studios. This is a beautiful and popular spot to hang out. Watch out for those grizzlies!

The Social Scene
The Wedding of Tomas and Janka in AlphaWorld, May 8, 1996. See their story in the chapter on AlphaWorld and Active Worlds. OZ Virtual street scene with avatars in a virtual version of the capital of Iceland

Touring through the worlds
Floating outside Farmer John’s house in OZ Virtual Flying beneath MTV Tikkiland in Onlive Traveler. This island is home to MTV hosts, and plenty of teen-leaning avatar chat and boom boxing

Avatar Antics
Skiing avatars in Titan’s Guild Winter Wonderland in Active Worlds. This world features plenty of ski slopes, skating rinks, and a lodge with beer, pizza and a fireplace to toast chilly avatar feet. The Flying Pub Sisters in WorldsAway Dreamscape. Syncrhonized avatars can get skilled enough to do the wave
Avatars doing battle with Ogres and each other in Sierra’s The Realm. The avatar which has lost his clothes is waiting for the outcome of the battle, after which he will try to scoop up the loser’s belongings! A drama playing inside Neutron

La Deuxième Monde
French avatar in La Deuxième Monde virtual Paris A stylistic Virtual Paris with teleportation drop sites in Deuxième Monde

Onlive Traveler Party Scenes
Tulips flirting in a float-o-rama high above Condor Summit in Traveler Big crowd of mostly animal avatars in the Utopia Gateway Plaza
Mirthful moment while talking with Professor Sandy Stone of the University of Texas at Austin (tigress). We are having a conference with Captain, her trusty tech-op about setting up a community for the U.T. fall courses. Playing chicken staring down this hoofer avatar from Alabama

Biota, Bots, Virtual Pets and Generative Art
Floops in his very first episode Two Norns fighting over food in Cyberlife’s Creatures world
Teo World planet of Biota where Fin Fin dwells Teo World jungle: is this what digital biota worlds in the Internet will look like?
Nerve Garden One growing on the Internet, July 1996. In this garden, seeds in the form of L-systems are sent through the Internet to grow the plants locally on your computer, saving precious bandwidth. As Nerve Garden develops, the plants will become smarter and live within their own ecosystem. Various Synthetic Organism models created by
Darrel Anderson’s generative organic art work footless. These sculptures should make avatar cyberspace worlds much better to look at. Avatar breeders are not far behind! William Latham’s organic sculpture from the Virtual Garden
L-systems growing in Cosmo Worlds development kit Eric Bucci's generative virtual architecture. This was created by a phenotypic genetic algorithm which goes through multiple generations each of which are tested for fitness. This kind of generative form will allow a rich and interesting 3D cyberspace to be visited in the future.

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