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World Guide
World Skills System Requirements DepthBuilding Capability? Create your own Avatar? Sound Support?
Intermediate-Advanced Windows 95/NT 3DYes NoMusic, sound effects

Minimum Machine
Operating System Computer Resources Connection
Windows 95 486DX 66 MHz PC, 256-color VGA or higher 16MB RAM, 24MB free disk space, 16-bit sound card is optional for music and sound effects SLIP/PPP Dial-up to the Internet at 14.4 kbps

AlphaWorld and Active Worlds

Green Planet

The good ship Avatar is going into a parking orbit around AlphaWorld, a large green planet in a whole planetary system of virtual worlds called Active Worlds. From our vantage point in orbit, we can see its numerous cities, built by some of its 200,000 citizens. It is apparent from this height that AlphaWorld seems like a very advanced civilization.

Get ready to teleport your landing party down into AlphaWorld. In this chapter, you will experience the sights and social scene of a huge digital city. Together, we will crash an avatar block party, attend a virtual wedding, sightsee at major tourist traps on the planet, and build a base of our own on this alien digital landscape.

Your Guide to AlphaWorld and Active Worlds

AlphaWorld and other Active Worlds: Living and Building in the Digital City

Installing and Immigrating into Active Worlds

Stranger in a Strange Land: First Steps Into a New World

What in the World is There To Do? Popular Activities in AlphaWorld and other Active Worlds

The Dark Side of AlphaWorld

A Day in the Life of AlphaWorld

What Hath They Wrought: Builders and their Creations

Digital Homesteading: Have I got a Real Estate Deal for You!

Fine-tuning Your World and Other Tips

Hot Sites: What in the World is Going On?

Digi's Diary

AlphaWorld and Active Worlds Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

AlphaWorld and other Active Worlds: Living and Building in the Digital City

Active Worlds Browser
showing an avatar block party at AlphaWorld Ground Zero.

The Active Worlds are some of the most advanced virtual worlds in digital space. Users of avatar worlds are often called citizens, a sign that they should be respected as members of a community. In AlphaWorld, you can chat with other citizens and attend social happenings. Above all, you can build in AlphaWorld! Building can be done by any citizen on any free land or by special arrangement in a number of parallel planets called Active Worlds. In fact, AlphaWorld is just one of over 200 Active Worlds.

Visiting AlphaWorld, you will learn how to travel and meet people in a very large three-dimensional virtual world and homestead your own place in Cyberspace. AlphaWorld is as unpredictable as the real worldóas unpredictable and unique as the individuals who create it. Each time you enter AlphaWorld, there will be new buildings, towns, and cities, and there always will be new community members to meet. Get ready for a real adventure in avatar Cyberspace!

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