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World Guide
World SkillsSystem Requirements DepthBuilding Capability? Create your own Avatar?Sound Support?
BeginnerWin95, NT2D NoNo, but can select gestures No-text chat

Minimum Machine
Operating SystemsComputer ResourcesConnection
Windows 95,

Windows NT 4.0

48666DX MHz PC

256 color VGA

8MB Ram, 6MB free disk space Dial-up to the Internet at 9600 BPS

Comic Chat

Comic Colony

You and the crew of the good ship Avatar are about to visit a world where your role in a living comic strip will put you into a drama of tragic comic proportions with other users from around the world. Audition all the would-be stars in your cybernautic craft and beam them over to the Comic Colony!

Your Guide to Comic Chat

Comic Chat for the Comic Artist in All of Us

Installing Comic Chat

Teleporting into Toon Town

Express Yourself!

Fine Tuning Your World

What Goes in the Comic Cosmos: Stories from CyberFunnies

Favorite places and Hot Spots in Comic Chat

Digi's Diary

Comic Chat Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Comic Chat for the Comic Artist in All of Us

Quick peek at the goings on in Comic Chat

Were you an artist for your school newspaper? Were you the one the teacher caught doodling all over your math notes? Did the arrival of the Sunday color funnies set your heart aflutter? If this is you, then Microsoft Comic Chat is going to be one fun frolic!

What happens in Comic Chat? You play a character in a comic strip. You are logged in to Comic Chat at the same time as others, who are playing in their characters. Everything you do as your character (chat, express an emotion, make a thought) is expressed in a panel within an ongoing comic story board. The more chat, the more panels that are generated by Comic Chat. Since it is all very familiar and looks appealing, Comic Chat is like a form of improvised theater anyone can participate in.

When you are done chatting, you can scroll back and review all the zany conversations you had. You can even print out the comic strip and stick it on your refrigerator or pin it up in your cubicle (Dilbert, watch out!).

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