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Fine Tuning Your World

Figure 11: Using the options dialogue to change your character to Xeno the ET

Comic Chat has several useful options found under the [View + Options] menu. The most common option is to change your character. The dialogue box in the preceding figure displays the array of characters to choose from. You can even use the built-in Emotion Wheel to try out each character in all stances.

Another option is the ability to set up personal information. As the following figure shows, you can give your real name (if you choose to), your Nickname (which you would have also been asked for when you started Comic Chat for the first time) and a brief description of yourself. Many Comic Chat citizens forget to fill out their personal information. In the singles area it is especially important to have something there and to check what other people write about themselves.

In their profiles, people have the opportunity to express their true selves or their fantasy selves. So, don't believe everything at face value, just like in the real world.

Figure 12: Using options to set up your personal Information

Another very important set of options can be found under Settings. Comic Chat normally paints only two comic strip panels across. If there are a lot of people talking, the panels can flash by so fast that you miss threads of conversation. If you set [Page Layout] to 4 Panels Wide or greater, you will get a better overview, at the expense of graphical detail.

Other settings include [Connection] which allows you to turn off the graphical information going out from Comic Chat's IRC server. This is important if you are chatting with someone who is just running IRC without Comic Chat. This will save that person having to see a whole lot of graphics control gibberish. The last option turns on or off the prompt you get when closing Comic Chat which asks you if you want to save your last conversation.

See the help file in Comic Chat or visit the Microsoft Comic Chat website listed at the beginning of this chapter for more detailed information about using Comic Chat with IRC.

Figure 13: Using option to select settings like Page Layout

A final option, shown in the following figure, allows you to change the background against which all the characters are painted. This changes the background just for you, not the other users.

Figure 14: Using option to choose a new background

Comic Chat Keyboard Shortcuts

Comic Chat has a whole set of keyboard shortcuts which are very handy to use, especially to keep up with a fast paced conversation.
Key combinationAction
CTRL+ASelects all text in compose window.
CTRL+CCopies selected text from compose window to the Clipboard.
CTRL+DDeletes selected text from the compose window.
CTRL+ISend Action. Sends text from the compose window to the chat pane, as a caption.
CTRL+NCloses the current chat session and opens a new connection.
CTRL+OOpens a file.
CTRL+PPrints a file.
CTRL+SSaves a file.
CTRL+TSends the contents of the compose window as a thought.
CTRL+VPastes the Clipboard contents to the compose window.
CTRL+WSends the contents of the compose window as a whisper.
CTRL+XCuts the selected text to the Clipboard.
CTRL+YSends the contents of the compose window.
CTRL+ZUndo. Reverses the most recent action in the compose window.

Table 5: Comic Chat keyboard shortcuts

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