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World Guide:
World SkillsSystem Requirements DepthBuilding Capability? Create Your Own Avatar?Sound Support?
Intermediate Win 95 or higher 3D NoCan customize given ones Yes, voice, music

Minimum Machine:
Operating SystemComputer ResourcesConnection
Windows 95 or higher Pentium-based PC,

256 color video supporting VGA or SVGA

16MB Ram, 13MB free disk space

SoundBlaster 16 or compatible 16-bit sound card, with Windows 95 driver and speakers/headphones

PPP Dial-up to the Internet at 14.4 kbps, 28.8 kbps recommended

Digital Space Traveler

Mystic Voyages Through Sound

As we maneuver our cybercraft toward a strange, bright orange planet, we hear distant voices hailing us. As we approach the surface in our shuttle we are awestruck by the brilliant skies, distant mountains, and great cityscape below. Windsong and ethereal music drift up to us as we come in for a landing. Got the gift of gab? You are going to need it here, as the natives are all very talkative. Welcome to Utopia, gateway to the worlds of Traveler.

NOTE: this chapter was written in 1997 and some items may be out of date (technical and user interface descriptions). We encourage you to visit the Digital Space Traveler Home Page at the following address to get the latest version of Traveler and the latest documentation on how to use Traveler:

Your Guide to Digital Space Traveler

Traveler: A Journey through Sound

Installing Digital Space Traveler

Portal Through the Wormhole

Lets Talk!

Lets Travel!

Fine Tuning Your World

Traveler Tips: Headbangers and Boom Boxers

Meet the Utopians

Hot Activities

Hot Worlds and Building Your Own

Key Traveler Web Pages

Digi's Diary

Digital Space Traveler Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Traveler: A Journey Through Sound

View of Digital Space Traveler in action at the Stonehenge talking circle.

Traveler is your gateway to many intriguing worlds of sound and voice. Remember Citizens Band (CB) radio, or perhaps you are a HAM radio operator? Digital Space Traveler brings that experience to the new avatar Cyberspace. In a Traveler world like Utopia or MTV Tikkiland, you choose an avatar (which looks like a giant head, or a costume party mask), fly around in three dimensions, and when you see other talking heads or hear their voices, you can join in the conversation. Because the sound is also three dimensional you can tell when someone is talking from your left or right side or when a conversation is right in front of you or in the distance. You will feel as though you have really visited with your friends in Traveler. Any way you look at it, Traveler is fantastic journey through sound.

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