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NOTE: this chapter was written in 1997 and some items may be out of date (technical and user interface descriptions). We encourage you to visit the Digital Space Traveler Home Page at the following address to get the latest version of Traveler and the latest documentation on how to use Traveler:

Portal Through the Wormhole

Starting up Traveler

Before you start Traveler you should connect to the Internet (dial up with your modem or make sure your Internet connection is active). Once you are on-line, you can start Traveler by double-clicking on the shortcut on your desktop or by selecting it from your Start menu under Programs and Digital Space Traveler.

Through the stargate

Figure 9.5: on14.gif
The gate to Traveler.

When Traveler first starts up, it presents you with the Choose an Avatar dialogue box (see the preceding figure). The first time in, you might want to consider leaving everything as Digital Space has set it. If you do want to change things, here are what the options will allow you to do:

Figure 9.5.2: on6b.gif
The website gate to Traveler.

Figure 9.6: on36.gif
Going through the space portal.

On our way!

Traveler may take a few minutes to download information about the Utopia world and the people in it, and then drop you right into the fray! You have no choice but to wait and slowly become mesmerized by the graphic tunnel through which you are traveling. You can watch the tiny messages and progress bar at the bottom right hand side of the window to get an idea of what is happening. If the Digital Space or other server is busy or otherwise unavailable, you will be given a message and asked to try again later.

Connecting to Other Traveler Worlds

If you want to go directly into other Digital Space Traveler worlds (and there are many) you have several travel options:

World Description Sponsor World Portal Address
Utopia Digital Space http://utopia.Digital
Virtual Vegas Virtual Vegas Inc. http://Digital
MTV Tikkiland MTV http://mtvtikkiland.Digital
Frighteners World MCA/Universal Space/frighteners/entrance.sds
Best's Internet Resort Best
Concentric Corp. Concentric Cafe

Table 9.1 These are the worlds supported by Traveler and their direct Web addresses.

Later in this chapter, in the section called Hot Worlds we will tell you more about these other Traveler worlds.

Watch out for me, I am coming in for a landing!

Figure 9.7: on7.gif
Coming in for a landing at Utopia Gateway.

Entry into Utopia, Digital Space's gateway world, is dramatic. As the above figure shows, you are suddenly through with the portal journey and are now falling into the cityscape of Utopia.

Figure 9.8: on15.gif
Altar of the great god portal of Utopia.

Landing with a resounding bump, you find yourself facing in the general direction of the great god avatar of Utopia. Don't worry, this great head won't do anything ungracious to you. Instead it serves as an oracle and gateway to other worlds. If you are lucky, you will land in a crowd of fellow Utopians. As you fall, you might even see the heads of other Utopia members on-line and already in conversation.

No room at the inn?

At this writing, Traveler has a limit of just under 20 people per area. If that area is full when you try to connect, you will be sent back to a the room you just left. If the Utopia gateway is full when are first logging on, you will be sent into a duplicate gateway. Therefore, you can be present in a second (or even third) Utopia. These will be named something like "Utopia Gateway #2" and indicated on the top of your Traveler window. If you are trying to meet someone in Utopia, you should be aware of this.

Figure 9.9: on49.gif
Use the People menu option to find out where everyone is in Utopia

As the preceding figure shows, you can tell who is in which duplicate of a room by selecting the Where Is option on the People menu. If you see friends in another room, you can try to enter that room when you see the number of people there drop below the allowable limit. Alternately, if you could get a message to them, they could join you in your less crowded area. This whole duplication of rooms is a little confusing but just remember, if rooms get full, identical rooms are created.

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