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NOTE: this chapter was written in 1997 and some items may be out of date (technical and user interface descriptions). We encourage you to visit the Digital Space Traveler Home Page at the following address to get the latest version of Traveler and the latest documentation on how to use Traveler:

Hot Worlds and Building Your Own

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See the Avatars Book "Avatar Teleport" page on Traveler which contains many user community pages at:

Digi's Diary: a revolution from your own living room

One thing is very different about the avatar revolution now sweeping the Internet. Past revolutions, such as the World Wide Web or Java, have come from the bowels of university laboratories or sprawling company campuses. This time, the revolution is starting right in your own living room! The avatar worlds have been built by small companies or small groups within large companies. However, all of the companies that host a world have told me the same thing: we are amazed and were completely unprepared for what the users did in our world. It is the users that have made the medium and who drive it forward.

The story of Sunset Dawn and Razz and their family in our Meet the Utopians section tells it all. Sunset used her powers of communication and organization to create activities, even a sports bar area where avatars could play football or bang each other about in Sumo wrestling. The Digital Space company listened to its Utopian citizens and helped them make it a better place to visit. One other unique thing about this revolution is that it will have a big part for women. Sunset and many women like her will be instrumental in creating activities and the high level of community and communication that will make avatar worlds a success. Well, lets face it, if you get a bunch of guys together in-avatar, sometimes all they have to say is "so, what speed of computer are you running?". Will you become a legend in your own living room? Certainly to the small group in your avvy (avatar) community! And if a five month old baby can communicate with his own avatar I personally think that millions more people will be using avatar worlds soon. That small group will not stay small for long.

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