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World Guide
World Skills System Requirements DepthBuilding Capability? Create your own Avatar? Sound Support?
AdvancedWindows 95/NT 3DNo Customizable from given set music, sound effects, optional voice chat

Minimum Machine
Operating System ComputerResources Connection
Windows 9590MHz Pentium PC, 16-bit color video or higher 16MB RAM, 5 to 10MB free disk space including ActiveX. 16-bit sound card is optional for music and sound effects; microphone optional for voice chat Dial-up to the Internet at 28.8 kbps
OZ Virtual

Journey to the Dark Star

The good ship Avatar is caught up in the whorls of a dark gaseous cloud in deepest, coldest space. As we penetrate this icy zone, we spot a distant dark star on our viewing screens. Scanning our charts, it is clear that we have found the mysterious world of OZ, a realm of truly cool beauty. This is a new-born world in digital space, and we will be among the first outsiders to set foot on it.

Your Guide to OZ Virtual

OZ Virtual: Journey to the Dark Star

Installing OZ Virtual

Entering the OZ Universe

Travels Through OZ

Advanced OZ

Fine-tuning Your World

Hot OZ Worlds

Digi's Diary: The Magical Combination of the Physical with the Virtual

OZ Virtual Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

OZ Virtual: Journey to the Dark Star

We approach the Sputnik Space Station in OZ.

The creators of OZ Virtual come from Iceland, which they describe as, ìa volcanic island inhabited by a small strong-minded population which lives on fishing and speak the oldest language in Europe.î In the midst of glaciers and very dark winters, the Icelanders have maintained a strong sense of cultural heritage, and quickly embraced new technology such as the Internet. OZ Interactive Inc. was founded by some young and ambitious Icelanders who have now stormed into California and onto the Internet with their own VRML (Virtual Reality Modeling Language) entertainment system, complete with customizable avatars, performance animation, music, and beautifully designed spaces. OZONE, OZ's new 3D entertainment community, is one of the newest worlds in the avatar cosmos, so you and I will become some of the first explorers there.

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