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World Guide
World Skills System Requirements DepthBuilding Capability? Create your own Avatar? Sound Support?
BeginnerMac OS 7.0 or greater, Windows 3.1, Windows 95/NT 2DYes Yesmusic, sound effects, voice read text on Mac

Minimum Machine
Operating System ComputerResources Connection
Windows 3.1 or Mac OS System 7.0 PC: 386 or better PC, 256- color VGA display

Mac: any system running System 7.0 with 13-inch color monitor

PC: 4MB Ram, 5MB free disk space, 16-bit sound card optional for music and sound effects

Mac: 2MB RAM

SLIP/PPP Dial-up to the Internet at 14.4 kbps or a LAN
The Palace

Chat Cosmos

Our drama in digital space is opening now, as we pull the good ship Avatar away from the WorldsChat Space Station and head out into the cosmos...the Chat Cosmos to be precise. We are entering what looks like a meteor cloud. Flying mountains whiz by us, and we notice that strange flat beings are moving around on their surfaces. There ahead of us is The Palace, the great centerpiece of this constellation of chat worlds. The Palace is a great stone edifice with glowing windows and a huge crowd of wafer-thin avatars dancing around its front gates.

Send out your space probes and explore the cosmos of worlds around The Palace. In The Palace, you can put on a whole virtual theater production with your own props, design and build your own avatars, construct your own Palace world, and above all, chat, chat, and chat.

Your Guide to The Palace Cosmos

The Palace: So You Want to be a Star in the Chat Cosmos?

How The Palace (Net) Works

Installing The Palace Client

Getting Started and Learning the Interface

Journeys in The Palace: Getting Lost in the Labyrinth

Let's Chat: The Good Life as a Guest

Making Your Own Avatar and Creating Props in The Palace

Creating Your Own World with The Palace Server

Doings in The Palace

IptScrae: Better Living Through Scripting

Community Behavior in The Palace

Fine-tuning Your World

Hot Spots

Digi's Diary: What to do About all those Naked Pix

The Palace Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The Palace: So You Want to be a Star in the Chat Cosmos?

Outside the Mansion is the gateway to The Palace.

The Palace is a vast constellation of tiny virtual worldlets spreading across the chat cosmos. In The Palace, you can design your own avatar (if you are a registered user), collect props, play group games, program fun behaviors with scripts, and even create your own Palace worldlet. Above all in The Palace, there is Chat, and lots of it. The Palace is jam-packed with people wanting to talk. Let us start your epic journey in search of the ultimate chat in the Mansion (as seen in the preceding figure), and then set off visiting some of the hundreds of Palace worlds.

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