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World Guide
World Skills System Requirements DepthBuilding Capability? Create your own Avatar? Sound Support?
IntermediateMacintosh, with System 7.0 or greater;

PC with Windows 3.1, Windows 95/NT

2 1/2-DYes, you can decorate your own apartment Yes, from components available music, sound effects

Minimum Machine
Operating System ComputerResources Connection
Macintosh System 7.0 or greater, Windows 3.1 Macintosh or PC 486DX, 256- color video 8MB Ram, 25MB free disk space, 16- bit sound card optional for music and sound effects 2,400-bps modem connection via CompuServe. 14.4KBPS dial-up to the Internet for Internet version

In this dream you can fly

Our cybercraft flies across the waves of spacetime en route to a place shrouded in mystery. Drifting for what seems like an eon, something comes into our forward viewing screens. Before us lies a shimmering silvery veil. Engines come to a full stop. All that is known about this place is that those passing through enter into a dream state, and many never return. Captain Digi, do you give the order to go to impulse drives and take the ship through the veil?

Takes us through! Why not? We are a crew of fearless cybernauts! As the ship presses against the folds of the veil, we start to feel heavy with fatigue, our eyelids press down, and the entire crew falls into the deepest sleep. Some great time later (or is it just an instant?), the captain and crew slowly wake up to the sound of a ship's bell, gently clanging in the breeze. We find ourselves on the deck of an ancient wooden sailing ship. The ship is drifting slowly on an aquamarine sea toward a distant shore. Are we dreaming, or have we arrived at some fantastic new place in digital space? You are digital dreaming, and about to enter the WorldsAway Dreamscape!

Your Guide to WorldsAway and the Dreamscape

WorldsAway Dream Worlds

Installing WorldsAway

Voyage on the Argo: Joining the Dreamscape Community

Entering Kymer: All Ashore Who's Going Ashore!

Gullible's Travels: Through the Dreamscape

Fine-tuning Your World

SeaJay's WorldsAway History Lesson

WorldsAway Hot and Useful Sites

Digi's Diary: Avaddiction

WorldsAway and the Dreamscape Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

WorldsAway Dream Worlds

Meet the Flying Pub Sisters in WorldsAway's Dreamscape

WorldsAway's Dreamscape from Fujitsu Software Corp. bids you to enter a flourishing virtual community with a dreamlike setting. In WorldsAway, there is a lot to do. You can try your hand at costuming your own avatar. Getting tired of that out-of-body shape? Want a face-lift? In a WorldsAway world, you can pick out a new body, head, clothing, and accessories (I only wish this were so easy in real life!).

If you are a natural-born tycoon, you can try your hand at wheeling and dealing in the WorldsAway virtual economyóearning tokens, buying, selling, and trading, and even renting and decorating your own apartment.

There are plenty of social gatherings, citizen organizations, and even games you can play with other WorldsAway community members. Above all, citizens in WorldsAway communities are helpful, and you will meet many new friends who will take you on tours of your new world.

The Dreamscape is WorldsAway's first and most popular virtual community. By the time you read this book, many new worlds will be open on WorldsAway. I will devote most of this chapter to exploring the Dreamscape, but most of what you learn here will serve you well in other WorldsAway communities.

WorldsAway is available for both the Macintosh and Windows PCs in two versions: to members of the CompuServe on-line service and to users connected directly to the Internet. This means there are many ways to visit the Dreamscape and other WorldsAway Worlds.

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