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Fine-tuning Your World

Figure 8.56: wa4i.jpg
Want help? Page an Acolyte!

Under the Help menu, there is a choice for Page Acolyte. Acolytes, and other community members called Hosts, are your helpers inside WorldsAway. Most of the time there is someone around, but if you donít get an answer to this page, you can also search for a Duckolyte, in the unofficial helper citizen group.

Figure 8.57: wa4o.jpg
Set up WorldsAway for CompuServe with the Preferences dialogue.

You will find the WorldsAway preferences under the File menu. You can set your idle timeout (the time when WorldsAway will automatically sign you off if you have done nothing but stay still and not talk). You can also turn off WorldsAwayís music or sound effects to allow spouses or siblings to sleep!

Figure 8.57.1: wa8c.jpg
Set up WorldsAway for Internet with the Preferences dialogue.

The WorldsAway for Internet preferences are also under the File menu. You can set your idle timeout, and sound on/off. You can also set up the Web Tour preferences. These preferences allow you either bring your web browser forward or leave it behind the WorldsAway program window as you are web touring.

SeaJayís WorldsAway History Lesson

Figure 8.58: wa7b.jpg
I meet SeaJay and his altar ego.

Visiting these virtual worlds is like taking a bus tour of 10 European countries. If you do it in 10 days, then about all you can do is get off the bus for a few hours in each city. Of course, you will miss virtually everything about the culture, history, language, cuisine, and local sensibilities. The only chance you have for a true impression is if you happen to meet a local historianósomeone who loves to tour around and will give you a short history of the town.

I met just such a person, known as SeaJay and Anarcholyte Zero. It turns out he lives in England (where he is probably a town historian), but he sure knew about WorldsAway. We arranged to meet at a certain time for my tour, but as often happens, I got the time mixed up. He is lucky enough to live at Greenwich Mean Time. Me, I couldnít figure out my time zone if I was the guy who set all those clocks in a TV newsroom! What these worlds need is a room full of clocks, or at least one world clock.

Of course, I arrived late at Kymer, but with my handy ESP feature, was able to reach SeaJay, who was wandering around looking for me. Most folks in virtual worlds have more patience about meeting times. Punctuality is not always possible in avatar realms, where local interruptions on the Internet or forgotten time zones can stand up your most anticipated date.

SeaJay had agreed to show me his turf (apartment for North Americans, flat for the British SeaJay). First, in true British style, we went for a drink at the local Bar-L Bar and then headed to Temple Street Terraces, the same building where Stayce Jaye and her beau Jim Duckolyte have their turf and baby duckolytes.

Figure 8.59: wa7a.jpg
SeaJay is in his turf.

I took a snapshot of the conversations we had that day. It will give you a peek into life in the Dreamscape. My comments (added later) are in italics.

ESP to SeaJay: I am here, Charles. (his real name)

ESP from SeaJay: Right!

ESP from SeaJay: When we get to the elevator (try the 2d or 3d one)...

ESP from SeaJay: give me time to unlock, then take elevator to...

ESP from SeaJay: Metabase1 (the name of his turf)

: Entering Locale: Elevator 2 (the system is speaking to me as I take the elevator.)

: Entering Locale: Riverside Studio.

: You have entered as a ghost; avatars are not allowed in this locale.

: Sorry, no avatars are allowed in this locale. I arrived at his turf but could not get in!

SeaJay: Hi! Un-ghost now !

: Sorry, no avatars are allowed in this locale.

ESP to SeaJay: It says no avatars are allowed in this locale.

ESP from SeaJay: Sorry, try again. Security is necessary here... SeaJay tries to unlock his turf.

ESP from SeaJay: because of avatar crime.

Avatar crime! As SeaJay explainedÖ

Figure 8.60: wa7c.jpg

Avatar crime!?

DigiGardener: What kind of crime?

SeaJay: Theft mainly.

SeaJay: Avvies come into your turf and clean it out !

DigiGardener: Wow!

SeaJay: As you see, I have a lot of stuff. Which he did, indeed. We toured his flat (which has two rooms).

SeaJay: My other room (left) needs unlocking too.

DigiGardener: k (my shorthand for OK)

: Entering Locale: MetaLab-1

DigiGardener: How did you get the furniture?

SeaJay: Bought it, mainly from vendos.

SeaJay: Some I traded.

DigiGardener: Wonderfully designed!

SeaJay: There is a big market in heads and stuff here.

When we were comfortably seated in the parlor room, SeaJay broke into a short history of the Dreamscape.

SeaJay: There is a lot of history to WorldsAway.

SeaJay: New places keep opening...

DigiGardener: Yes, got any Web links to write-ups?

SeaJay: Not write-ups as such, but ask me, or ask in the Forum.

SeaJay: At first there were no turfs.

SeaJay: Most of Meditation Park is new (1 month).

SeaJay: Some items are so rare, they cost tens of thousands of tokens.

SeaJay: There are regular auctions of such stuff.

DigiGardener: This is great; I will save this. (as I clicked on File arrow Save Messages)

SeaJay: Also, some hacked patches were introduced...

SeaJay: that allowed sitting and telekinesis.

SeaJay: Others allowed you to paint...

SeaJay: your face with body paint and vice versa...

SeaJay: and body or head with turf paint.

SeaJay: Fujitsu put an end to it recently though

SeaJay: with compulsory remote updates of the client.

SeaJay: There is a penal system here.

SeaJay: If you are *really* bad, you get sent to *the void*

SeaJay: if an acolyte or oracle catches you!(People who work for Fujitsu helping in the world)

SeaJay: You should also check out the Spacestation (A new world called Pride Universe)

SeaJay: It is meant to be for gay people, but 50 percent are from here (meaning straight, I guess).

SeaJay: That's GO PCU-6

SeaJay: to get there directly.

SeaJay: Your current WorldsAway client is all you need to get there.

SeaJay: I have a pad there, too.

SeaJay: Some nice *tricks* get played here...

SeaJay: especially by avatars with Windows NT, who can enter with multiple avatars.

SeaJay: There are marriages here too...

SeaJay: often between avatars who are married to others in the RW… (RW means the Real World)

SeaJay: and trysts and liaisons.

SeaJay: I could introduce you to a guy...

SeaJay: who builds add-on software such as

SeaJay: macro-script generators, survey programs, and bing hosts (as well as color patches)

SeaJay: That's bingo hosts, by the way

SeaJay: and patches.

ESP from SeaJay: Still awake?

DigiGardener: Yep.

ESP from SeaJay: OK. Anything you want to know ?

And on and on. SeaJay was obviously a long-time resident of WorldsAway, and knew a lot of its history. If you can find someone like SeaJay early in your WorldsAway adventure, your life in Kymer will be greatly enriched. Ah, the life of the virtual tourist! Time to get back on the bus, I hope no one took my seat!

WorldsAway Hot and Useful Sites

Fun areas in the Dreamscape

Figure 8.61: wa2m.jpg

Visit the Nu Yu for a complete makeover.

The Nu Yu is a big vending machine area where you can buy a whole new look. Select from a wide choice of bodies, heads, accessories, and sprays. Youíd better have a good pocket full of change before going to Nu Yu, because makeovers can be expensive, and they donít accept charge cards!

Meditation Park is an area I have heard about, but have never visited. I will leave that one for you to discover.

More WorldsAway worlds will be operational by the time you read this book. Check the Avatars! book Web site at>, or the WorldsAway Web site at> for updates.

WorldsAway Community Forum on CompuServe

Click on Services arrow Go and enter AWAY, and then click on Community Forum. This contains live chat, newsgroups, downloads of pictures, writings, and game plug-ins for WorldsAway. When you enter the Community Forum, look for the following topic areas:

Library: software and information archives for WorldsAway

Conference: for live off-world chat on various WorldsAway subjects

Messages: lists posted messages from such WorldsAway user groups as WorldsAway Internationale, for non-English speaking users of WorldsAway

I recommend that new users check into the Forum regularly, to get a feel for the community. Also, almost every new and exciting event in the Dreamscape is posted in InWorld Events, so itís a great tool for people who are trying to find their niche in the Dreamscape.

World Wide Web official WorldsAway home pages

Note that some of these Web page links may have changed or the Web pages may have been discontinued. Consult your Avatars! book home page at for a more up-to-date list of links.

Find the WorldsAway Home Page at

The CompuServe Home Page is at

Download the CompuServe Information Manager software and sign up for CompuServe at

Download the WorldsAway Dreamscape software at>.

The WorldsAway member list is at This is a very useful compendium of e-mail addresses and Web pages of WorldsAway community members. You can also register yourself in this telephone directory for WorldsAway.

Find the WorldsAway Quickstart Guide at

The WorldsAway Dreamscape User Guide is at

The Kymer Clarion newspaper for the Dreamscape is published at

The Dreamscape photo gallery can be seen at

The Dreamscape Team Newsletter is posted at

Electric Communities home page is the Web site belonging to Chip Morningstar and Randy Farmer, the creators of Habitat, and great-grandfathers of WorldsAway. Read all about where WorldsAway came from at Find the Habitat history page at

Press Blab about WorldsAway

Wired magazineís article about Metaworlds is at

Where Worlds Collide, a C|Net review of WorldsAway and other virtual worlds is at

Unofficial citizen pages

Figure 8.62: wa7d.jpg
Find the WorldsAway member list at

The official home page of the Duckolytes is at http://web, and Kymer Web, the Duckolyte links page at http://web are both great resources!

See the WorldsAway Yellow Pages at GermanGiantís WorldsAway page at href=

The Bloodline, the surviving members of the original Club Caribe, Quantum Link tribe is at

Saberís Cyber Site is at

SS Changís WorldsAway page is at

CosmoCatís final resting place, the story of a beloved acolyte is at

Steve Hallís WorldsAway pages are at

The Oracle Oddities home page is at:

Cíest Sage, a page about WorldsAway en Français (in French) is at

Digiís Diary: Avaddiction

Figure 8.63: wa3l.jpg
Yes, how is your social life?

Another sermon from lay preacher DigiGardener. You may have heard about avaddiction, or addiction to leading life as an avatar. So letís face it, maybe our social lives were not that great before we discovered avatar living, but what about now? Well personally, I find that if I replace TV time (little human interaction there, unless you enjoy fighting over the remote control) with avatar time, it is probably a step up. Some people can watch TV and avatar at the same time but hey, other avatars like me can detect your glazed expressions when you do that…atten-hut!

So what about avaddiction? As the old Greeks tell us: ìall things in moderationî! Well, those old Greeks didnít have this wonderfully addicting technology. I treat my avatar time as a teaser for some real, sit-down, human, face-to-face interaction. Online chat stimulates my desire for yet more communication. After I figure out that my cat really doesnít understand or care about my rantings, I pick up my jacket and head into town for coffee with friends. Yes, life on the avatar cyberspace beat can be strange, but I have met so many interesting people from around the world (some of whom I later met in person), that I feel the avatar experience has grown and enriched my social web .

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