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Installing Worlds Chat

What do I need to get to Worlds Chat?

To visit Worlds Chat, you must have a PC, though it does not have to be a very powerful PC. As shown in the minimum machine table in this chapter, all you need is a 486, 66 MHz PC running Windows 3.1 and a direct connection to the Internet. You canít use Worlds Chat through on-line services like America Online, CompuServe, or Prodigy unless they support direct Internet access through the 32-bit Winsock (the software that Windows uses to communicate with the Internet). For example, you can use Worlds Chat through the Microsoft Network or CompuServe 3.0, as they do provide this service. You may be able to configure your on-line service to run Worlds Chat. See, ìSetting up your on-line service to connect directly with the Internet,î in Appendix D. If you have further problems, contact your on-line service for help.

You have to be directly connected to the Internet by a dial-up SLIP or PPP with a 14.4 kbps connection. If you are at work or a place where you have a PC on the Internet full-time (such as a university or college), you can also use Worlds Chat. Connecting from work might require you to check on your firewall restrictions; see the ìFirewalls and Proxiesî section in Appendix D for more information.

Getting started and a few disclaimers

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Worlds Chat is easy to install and very easy to use. Using the step-by-step guide in this chapter, you will explore a three-dimensional virtual world and experience your first social interactions in digital space. Worlds Chat comes in two versions: Demo and Gold. Demo is free and provides you much of the experience of 3D chat in a virtual world. The Gold version must be purchased on a separate CD-ROM. You can install the Worlds Chat Demo version either from the CD in this book or by downloading it from the Internet. Doing this is easier than you might think, and you will be living the life of an avatar in no time.

A big plus is that the Worlds Chat demo version is free to use (you have to accept the terms of a free license during installation). You are not charged for the time you spend exploring and chatting in Worlds Chat, but you could be charged for the hours you use from your Internet service provider (ISP). Check with your ISP on its monthly free hours and rates.

The version of Worlds Chat you will find on your Avatars! CD is the one described in this chapter. However, Worlds Chat may have evolved since this chapter was written, so when you log on, you may be asked to upgrade to a new version. If you download an upgrade from the Internet, or a whole new version of Worlds Chat, it may look somewhat different from what I have described. To download an upgrade, or a completely new version of Worlds Chat from the Internet, follow the instructions in the section, ìInstalling or upgrading Worlds Chat from the Internet.î

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Worlds Chat may be changing homes

At the time this chapter was finished, Worlds Inc. informed us they may be finding a new company to host both Worlds Chat and Active Worlds (including AlphaWorld). They assured us that both Worlds Chat and Active Worlds would continue to be on-line and they expected the new homes to continue developing them. By the time you have this book, both Worlds Chat and Active Worlds may already be moved. Please see Worlds Inc. home page at or your Avatars book home page at for news on both Worlds Chat and Active Worlds.

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As a special service for readers of Avatars!, I have a special home page on the World Wide Web devoted to keeping you up-to-date on your favorite worlds. Find news about software updates, social events held within these virtual worlds, and brand new worlds you might want to try at Bookmark it!


If you have questions or problems

If you have questions or problems installing or running Worlds Chat, consult the FAQ at the end of the chapter. If this does not help you, check the Worlds Inc. home page at, and its special Frequently Asked Questions page at, for help on common problems. Worlds also maintains a forum for technical issues and pointers to newsgroups at To contact the Worlds Inc. Worlds Chat team directly with your suggestions, bug reports, or comments, fill out the feedback form at

Another good source for information on how to use Worlds Chat is the on-line Help file. Just press F1 while using Worlds Chat and use the table of contents or index to find the topic you are looking for.

Worlds Inc. and I appreciate your feedback on Avatars!, but we donít have the resources to provide technical support. We would be happy to hear about your experiences with Worlds Chat. Contact us through the Avatars! book Web site at

Macintosh, UNIX, and OS/2 versions, and running under Windows NT

At this writing, there are no native versions of Worlds Chat for the Macintosh, UNIX, or OS/2 platforms. Check the Worlds Inc. and Avatars! book Web pages for updates on new versions which might support these platforms. You also may be able to run Worlds Chat using a Windows emulation system on non-Windows platforms. Worlds Chat may run under Windows NT, but Worlds reports that you may also experience problems. Check the Worlds Inc. Web site for assistance with operation under Windows NT.

Bear with me through the following step-by-step instructions, and soon you will be experiencing life as an avatar in digital space!

Do you have a previous version of Worlds Chat installed?

If you have previously installed Worlds Chat, it may be wise to delete it before installing the version from the CD. Our version is demo version 1.1b If your version of Worlds Chat is more recent, or you have the registered user gold version, you may want to stick with it. The installation program will probably give you the option of de-installing your old Worlds Chat, but there are ways you can do this yourself in advance.

In Windows 95, here is how to remove a program: open the control panel, double-click on the Add/Remove Programs icon, scroll down to Worlds Chat, highlight it, and click on the Add/Remove button to delete it from the system. You can also delete the Worlds Chat folder (usually C:\worlds\chatdemo or c:\worlds\chat). If you are running Windows 3.1, deleting the folder might be your best option.

Installing Worlds Chat from the Avatars! CD

If you have a CD-ROM drive on your PC, you can install the Worlds Chat 1.0 demo version directly from there. If you donít have a CD-ROM drive, skip to the section, ìInstalling or upgrading Worlds Chat from the Internet.î In Chapter 20 we provide a step by step example of installing from the CD-ROM. I suggest you refer to this chapter and follow the same steps for WorldsAway. Once the installation program on your CD-ROM has started, you can return to this chapter to the section: ìRunning the Installation.î

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Installing or upgrading Worlds Chat from the Internet

[Note: this section is the most detailed coverage of the downloading process, complete with screen images and a detailed step by step.. this should be created as a distinct section in the book or referenced by other chapters where downloading is described. I have added this reference to Chapter Tour]

If you want the very latest version of Worlds Chat, or were informed that you had to upgrade the version found on your Avatars! CD, then you must download it from the Internet. If you havenít done this before, donít panic; it is easier than you might think!

  1. Connect to the Internet (dial up with your modem or make sure your Internet connection is active).
  2. Start your Web browser, such as Netscape or Internet Explorer.
  3. At the top of the browser window, you will see a long area called Location, where you can enter text.
  4. Click in this area, delete the text inside, type in, and press Enter.
  5. After a few moments, the home page for Worlds Inc. should appear. If nothing comes up for a long time, check to see that you are online.
  6. If the Worlds Inc. page is not available for some reason, try entering the location for the Avatars! home page, which is This page may contain more up-to-date links for Worlds Inc. and Worlds Chat.

Figure 5.2: wc01.gif

Step 1: Find and click on the link to download the Worlds Chat demo software.

Figure 5.3: wc000.gif

Step 2: Ask your browser to save the file.

Figure 5.4: wc00.gif

Step 3: Choose a folder in which to store the downloaded file.
Donít forget where you put it!

Figure 5.5: wc1.gif

Step 4: Wait while the download is in progress…
please be patient!

Figure 5.6: wc03.gif

Step 5: Find the file you downloaded.

Go to the section, ìRunning the Installation.î

Running the Installation

Whether you are running the installation from the CD using your Web browser, from the CD file you directly copied, or from the file you downloaded from the Internet, use this section to guide you through the installation. Note that if you downloaded Worlds Chat from the Internet, the installation process may have changed. If this has happened, refer to instructions on the Worlds Inc. Web site.

Figure 5.7: wc05.gif

Step 1: Unzip the file with the WinZip self-extractor.

Figure 5.8: wc08.gif

Step 2: Run the Worlds Chat installation program.

Figure 5.9: wc09.gif

Step 3: A warning about your monitor??? display mode.

Figure 5.10: wc010.gif

Step 4: The installer asks to verify the location.

Figure 5.11: wc011.gif

Step 5: Worlds Chat is installing.

Figure 5.12: wc012.gif

Step 6: Confirm that the install is complete.

Figure 5.13: wc013.gif

Step 7: Create a shortcut to Worlds Chat from the Start menu (arrow) programs.

Clean up after installation

If you copied the Worlds Chat installation file onto your desktop, into a folder, or downloaded it from the Internet, you can delete it after the installation is complete. It should have a name like wcd11.exe. You can keep the original installer around just in case you have to reinstall it. Of course, you will have the CD with the original installers there, so you do not need to take up valuable hard disk space (5MB just for the Worlds Chat installer).

You will also have to delete the files you unzipped into your Unzip to directory (see Step 1 in, ìRunning the Installation,î in the previous section). You can find the directory (which might have been called C:\install or C:\temp) by opening My Computer and the MS-DOS C: hard disk. Find the folder named wcdemo and delete this folder and all of its contents. After the installation is complete, you do not need to keep these files.

The readme files

There will be files called readme.txt or Worlds Chat 1.1 Demo Release Notes placed in your Start Menu folder or Program Group folder. If you open these files, you will find general information about this release of Worlds Chat.

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