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Going Gold: The Good Life as a Registered User

You can become a registered user of Worlds Chat. To do this, see the details on Worlds Inc.ís Web site at If you order Gold membership, you will be sent a Worlds Chat Gold CD, with a special version of Worlds Chat which you can install to replace your old demo version. The key benefits are:

A glimpse through those shimmering farcaster doors

What awaits you through those shimmering doors (known as farcasters) as a registered user? I will take you on a brief tour to give you an idea.

Figure 5.46: wc5n.gif

Eve (Cyberhouse1, actually) is in the Garden of Eden.

First stop, the gorgeous Garden of Eden. This area features a labyrinth of separate gardens, each with its own theme. There is the flower garden, the Zen-style tranquillity garden, the breezy poplar grove, and the Koi pond, featuring a cat that meows.

Figure 5.47: wc5g.gif

A flower cottage in the Garden of Eden…wild!

As you can see from the previous figure, the interior textures of the old English style cottages will take your breath away!

Donít forget to explore the Hall of Sadness for a more somber mood, and the Gothic area, where you will find a multi-level castle.

Figure 5.48: wc5b.gif

A Gothic castle.

Figure 5.49: wc5c.gif

The Hall of Sadness.

One of the most magical spaces is Skyworld, which you can reach through the Airdoor. Catwalks take you over dizzying heights between the mysterious obelisk monolith and a maze in the sky.

Figure 5.50: wc5f.gif

A dramatic view of the catwalks in Skyworld through the Airdoor

If you are a fan of Frank Herbertís Dune, you will like the Desert area and the Ziggurat. Haunting music and distant flying creatures give Skyworld a surreal feel.

Figure 5.51: wc5d.gif

Inside the desert Ziggurat (antechamber) on the Desert Planet.

Our last stop is Asteroid 1541, a zone ready for partying. There is a room here with a mirror so you can powder your nose or straighten your avatar before going back into the soiree with the digerati. A strange feature of this mirror is that you can only see yourself, and no one elseís reflections!

Figure 5.54: wc5k.gif

See yourself in the mirror in Asteroid 1541.

The Rave Room in Asteroid 1541 has the loudest decor Iíve ever seen in the new cyberspace! Does that clash with your outfit, Cyberhouse1?

Figure 5.55: wc5m.gif

Have a party in the Rave Room in Asteroid 1541.

Well, itís all about chat, and maybe romance too? I caught this couple in Worlds Chat and thought for a moment: true virtual love! But no, it was only an illusion! I just caught the avatars at a strange angle. But perhapsÖ

Figure 5.56: wc5e.gif

True love in Worlds Chat?
No, only an illusion.

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