Worlds Chat FAQ

Your guide to the Worlds Chat FAQ

How long does it take to download Worlds Chat?

With a 28.8 modem, Worlds Chat should take about 50 minutes to download. If you download the four separate files, the first three should take about twelve minutes each and the last one slightly less.

Does the demonstration version expire?

Yes. Check the README.TXT file that comes both in the \INSTALL directory and the C:\WORLDS\CHATDEMO directory for the exact date. Expired Worlds Chat demonstration version clients will not be able to log on to the server and youíll get a message that says youíll need a new version of Worlds Chat.

How can I find another user in Worlds Chat?

Try whispering to them. If they are anywhere in the Space Station they will be able to hear you. If that person is not online, the system will give you a message (works only in Gold version).

How do I change my username?

In the demo version, you can only sign on as Guest and you will be assigned a ìGuest#XXXî username. Unique usernames is a feature reserved for Worlds Chat 1.1 Gold customers.

What is the message, Hostname not resolved?

This is typically a problem with the DNS server at your ISP.

  1. Check the worlds.ini file to make sure the following variable is set If there is another name or number after TFRSERVER=, change it to read,, save the worlds.ini file, and try again.
  2. Then try to reach another site using Netscape. If you again receive the message, hostname not resolved, contact your ISP.

Why am I entering Worlds Chat in single-user mode?

If the program fails to establish a connection with the server, you will be prompted to enter Worlds Chat in single-user mode where you will be able to navigate the space. To see and communicate with others, you must enter the space in multi-user mode.

The possible causes are varied, but if you take the following actions, you can solve the problem:

  1. Make sure you have an active Internet connection before starting the program. For instance, if you can view Web pages through Netscape, your Internet connection should be fine. If you are unable to establish a connection to the Internet, please contact your Internet service provider.
  2. If you have an active Internet connection, you may be using a stack that is incompatible with Worlds Chat (see the list of problem stacks below)
  3. See, ìHostname not resolved,î in this FAQ to see if your TFRSERVER and TFRPORT information is correct.
  4. The Worlds Chat server may be down, please wait for a few minutes and try again.

What are the known incompatibilities with various TCP/IP stacks?

We've tested many TCP/IP configurations in a laboratory setting, and these are the only stacks we know of that have some sort of incompatibility with Worlds Chat:
TCP/IP Configuration Solution
Wollongong 4.0 (LAN) Upgrade to Wollongong 4.1
IBM Internet Connection for Windows NT 3.0 (Dial up) Upgrade to Windows NT 4.0
FTP 1.2 (Dial up) Contact your ISP for a more recent stack
FTP 2.0 (Dial up) Contact your ISP for a more recent stack
GNN (Dial up) Contact your ISP for a more recent stack
InternetMCI (Dialup) Contact your ISP for a more recent stack

Will Worlds Chat run through a firewall?

Firewalls are restrictions to Internet access that are placed by the system administrators of larger networks. If youíre using an on-line service or dialing in from home, you wonít have to worry about firewalls. But if youíre trying to use Worlds Chat from a business or school, you might be behind a firewall.

Worlds Chat will not run through a proxy server. Firewalls with different permissions for inbound/outbound packets are likely to cause problems. With most standard institutional firewalls, you may be able to use Worlds Chat. Worlds Chat requires the ability to exchange TCP/IP messages via ports not used by conventional FTP:// or HTTP:// pathways. Many other Internet applications, such as RealAudio will also not run behind certain firewalls. If you can get RealAudio to work without having to make special arrangements with your system administrator, chances are fairly good that Worlds Chat will run behind your firewall also.

What's the difference between the demonstration version and Worlds Chat Gold?
Topic Worlds Chat Gold Worlds Chat demonstration version 1.1
Usernames New in Version 1.1! Can establish up to three usernames per serial number. Temporary visitor registered as "guest"
Passwords Password protection lets visitors have permanent identity. Can only use Guest names, which will be different each time
Avatars 40 avatars to choose from 15 avatars to choose from
Custom avatars Lets visitors use custom avatars No custom avatar support
Worlds Space station and six Worlds to travel around Travel limited to space station
Rooms 800 rooms to visit 50 rooms to visit
Art & sound 24MB of art, music and sound effects 4MB of art
Session length Unlimited session length Timed sessions--visitors may be logged off after a time limit
Simultaneous users Unlimited number of Gold users Number of Guest users may be limited by the server
Placemarking Placemarking feature lets you make your own shortcuts and navigate easily between Worlds and rooms. No Placemarking features.
Price $32.95 (SRP) plus $5.00 shipping and handling Free download from Worlds, Inc. Web site

How can I get technical support?

Check the Worlds Inc. technical support page for updated telephone support information at

Can I run multiple copies of Worlds Chat?

If you try to run multiple copies of Worlds Chat (click the Worlds Chat icon more than once), cursors and windows may behave strangely.

What if I can't download Worlds Chat using my browser?

If you are unable to download Worlds Chat using a browser, try the direct ftp site at If you receive the message, Cannot open passive connection, log in once more using "anonymous" as the user name and your e-mail address as the password.

Does installing Worlds Chat change the configuration of my computer?

When you choose Express install during setup, WinG is installed on your computer. WinG is the Microsoft Windows 3.1 graphics accelerator library. Only in rare cases will the installation of WinG result in a system conflict. If necessary, this file can be easily removed.

What do these error messages mean: OVSS3 Error Opening Acer524x.exe or OVSF3 Error Opening C:\worlds\chatdemo\bin\acer.bal/start.inf ?

You may be missing the command line arguments in your icon. The icons for startup need command line arguments in order to run.

To fix this problem in Windows 3.1:

  1. In the program manager, highlight the Worlds Chat program icon, then click Properties on the File Menu.
  2. Edit the Command Line to read: C:\worlds\chat\shell.pac. (This assumes that you installed Worlds Chat in C:\worlds\chatdemo. If you installed in a different directory, give the absolute path for both the acer524x.exe and shell.pac files.)

To fix this problem in Windows 95:

  1. Click the Start button, and point to Settings (arrow) Task bar.
  2. Click on the Start Menu Programs tab.
  3. Click on the Advanced button. In the Explorer window, click on Programs, then Worlds, then Worlds Chat, but don't double-click.
  4. Right-click to display an options menu, then click on Properties.
  5. Click on the Shortcut tab.
  6. Edit the Target field to read C:\worlds\chatdemo\shell.pac. (This assumes that you installed chat in C:\worlds\chatdemo.)

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