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Exploring and Building
Virtual Worlds on the Internet

Table of Contents




Welcome to a New World

Chapter 1

Grande Tour of Worlds

Chapter 2

WorldsChat Space Station

First Stop in Digital Space

Chapter 3


Chat Cosmos

Chapter 4

AlphaWorld and Active Worlds

Green Planet

Chapter 5


In This Dream You Can Fly

Chapter 6

Onlive Traveler

Mystic Voyages Through Sound

Chapter 7

Virtual Places

Grand Central Station of the Web Universe

Chapter 8

Black Sun Passport

Through the Star Gate

Chapter 9

Comic Chat

Comic Colony

Chapter 10

OZ Virtual

Journey to the Dark Star

Chapter 11

Brave New Worlds

Chapter 12

Gaming Worlds

Avatars at Play

Chapter 13

Life in Digital Space

Bots, Biota and Virtual Pets

Chapter 14

Build Your Own World, Design Your Own Avatar

Chapter 15

The Companion Web Site

Enter the Avatar Teleport

Chapter 16

The Book CD-ROM

Your Key to Avatar Cyberspace

Bibliography of Recommended Reading

Glossary of Terms

Appendix A:

Projects, Groups, Events, Philosophers, News, and Predecessors in Avatar Cyberspace

Appendix B:

General Questions and Answers


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