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Bruce Damer's Writings and Interviews
on virtual world topics

This list is in in reverse chronological order
Documents found on the web are marked WEB

A much more complete list of writings may be found at
WEB: N-Vision Interview (March 1997). Also see the N-Vision Homepage

WEB: Bruce Damer's review of Multiuser VRML Worlds (February 1997)

WEB: Proposal for Synthetic Ecosystems Avatars (January 1997)

WEB: The Vision (November 1996)
    A new expression of life

VRML: You may be building it but will they come? (November 1996)
    A Personal Rant about VRML and past standards

Freedom, Privacy, Property and Personal Security in Avatar Cyberspace (September 1996)
    A proposal for the CFP 1997 conference

Nerve Garden (October 1996)
    Face to face with life in VRML 2.0 worlds

Interacting and Designing in Virtual Worlds on the Internet (September 1996)
    An extended abstract for ACM CHI '97

Interview with Mark Pesce (May-June 1996)
    In Florence, Italy

Inhabited Virtual Worlds (May 1996)
    A New Frontier for Interaction Design
    a design column for ACM interactions magazine

Inhabited Digital Spaces (September 1995)
    A paper for ACM CHI '96

Amoeba (June 1995)
    A Simulator for Molecular Nanotechnology

CONTACT XII (1995) Conference Presentation (March 1995)
    Our Contact with Soft Life, the first Exo-Terrestrials

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