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Ever dreamt about becoming a stand-up comedian? Well, with Comic Chat (now called Microsoft Chat 2.5), you have your chance! Your avatar is a character in a living comic strip along with other users. What you say affects your emotions and gestures and it all comes out pretty funny!

Get It!
Download Comic Chat (now called Microsoft Chat ver 2.5) software from: http://www.mermeliz.com/cchat.htm
Size of download: approx 1.0MB
Hard disk resources: approx 8MB
Platforms Supported: Windows 95 on up
Setup: Simple, self installing EXE file
Cost: Free, free, free
What happens there
In Comic Chat (MS Chat 2.5) you play a character in a comic strip. Other people who are playing in their characters along with you in a kind of comic theater performance. Everything you do as your character (chat, express an emotion, make a thought) is expressed in a panel in an ongoing comic story board. The more chat, the more panels that are generated by Comic Chat. When you are done chatting, you can scroll back and review all the zany conversations you had. You can even print out the comic strip and stick it on your refrigerator or pin it up in your cubicle (Dilbert, watch out!).

Comic Chat
Life in a Comic Strip

Comic Chat Scene 1

Comic Chat Hot and Useful Sites

NEW total comic chat (Microsoft Chat 2.5) resources: http://www.mermeliz.com/srvr_rms.htm

Sigh! Dead links..

Comic Chat Home Page is at: http://www.microsoft.com/ie/chat/

Window on Windows Comic Chat review is at: http://www.star-telegram.com:80/archives/07141996.arc/news/opinions/starcol/wow.htm

Ireland On-Line's Chat Centre Comic Chat Page, the gift of the gab is at: http://www.iol.ie:80/chat/index.html

CyberWay's IRC pages featuring Comic Chat is at: http://www.cyberway.com.sg/irc.html

Davecentral's IRC Universe is at: http://www.davecentral.com/irc.html

OzBiz Comic Chat is at: http://www.ozbiz.com.au:80/comicch.htm

Interview with Comic Chat cartoonist Jim Woodring is at: http://www.usyd.edu.au/~mwoodman/spunk/woodring.html

Review of Comic Chat in C|Net is at: http://register.cnet.com/Content/Reviews/Hands/082096/comic.html

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