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There are several virtual worlds for gaming which have avatars (are multi-user and where users have some sort of a body).

What happens there

Scenes from Gaming Worlds
Life in the fast lane

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3DO's Meridian 59

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Sierra's The Realm

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Microsoft Internet Gaming Zone's Hoyle Blackjack

Gaming World Hot and Useful Sites

Gamecenter.com features terrific news, reviews and insights into the gaming world industry as well as plenty of demo versions of games. Check it out at: http://www.gamecenter.com.

Another great source of links to games is Happy Puppy at http://www.happypuppy.com/.

Games Domain at http://www.gamesdomain.co.uk/ from the UK has mirrors all over Europe, Russia and South Africa

GameSpot is a truly great site for demos and reviews of all the games you can think of. See http://gamespot.com/.

Outland features multi-player gaming for the Mac at: http://www.outland.com/.

Find the Virtus 3D Quake level editing system which provides real-time, 3D visualization and a drag and drop interfaces to build your own Quake worlds at: http://www.virtus.com

Total Entertainment Network provides networking services to play dozens of games over the Interent at: http://www.ten.net/.

Mpath interactive provides MPlayer for multi-user gameplay at: http://www.mplayer.com.

The Cave of Madness is an experiment in gaming in VRML, see: http://www.ids-net.com/ids/cave2/cave.html.

NewFire at http://www.newfire.com/ provides fast VRML browsers that let VRML worlds be built for bona fide action and simulation games. Visit them and see if you are entertained.

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