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What is an Avatar? It is your alter ego in Cyberspace, your body double in the virtual communities growing inside two and three dimensional virtual worlds online. With the book Avatars and this companion website, you can now leave simple chat rooms behind and venture forth into the true frontiers of virtual world Cyberspace.

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(the original) Avatar Teleport
to Inhabited Virtual Worlds (started early in 1996)

Note that some of these worlds are from the period 1995-99 and are now offline, but we keep the Teleport up for historical purposes. For some continuing communities we invite you to visit Traveler, or Active Worlds, or Virtual Places, or The Palace, or Blaxxun Contact, or WorldsAway and of course, the new kids on the block including Second Life, There and IMVU.

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Avatars! Extras

The Annual Avatars CyberConferences

Avatars98, the first conference in Avatar Cyberspace

The annual Contact Consortium Avatars conferences started with two physical conferences held in San Francisco of about 500 attendees each, Earth to Avatars in October 1996 and Avatars97 a year later. Thereafter we moved the conference "into Cyberspace" with the groundbreaking Avatars98. This conference series continued until early 2003 with the final event, Avatars2002, held in the Active Worlds platform. The entire archive of Avatars conference sites can be viewed here.

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Gallery of Art and Photos from Avatar Cyberspace

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Have a serious interest in Avatar Cyberspace?
These organizations are there to help

Consortium Logo The Contact Consortium is a not for profit membership organization dedicated to the development of human contact, culture and community in on-line virtual worlds. Consortium members come together to hold conferences, on-line events, and support the projects of its special interest groups. If you want to know what is up in Avatar Cyberspace, join the Contact Consortium.

The Digital Space Commons is a private company providing research, design, and consulting services for projects developing virtual worlds on the Internet. Digitalspace has unmatched expertise in applications of virtual worlds in science and education, collaborative workspaces for the enterprise, and worlds for entertainment.

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