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If you own a Macintosh OS system, then these worlds and tools are for you. If you have a beefy PowerPC or G3 Macintosh with plenty of RAM, you may be able to run the Windows OS worlds and other software, see our specs for running Windows emulators on your Mac. Specs for running Active Worlds and other windows-only virtual worlds platforms on the Macintosh under Windows emulation (thanks to Feu des Astres):
PowerMac G3 with 80 MB of RAM (or more) ( 604 at 132 MHz or better) Mac OS 8.1 (or better) SoftWindows 95 or 98 version 5.0.4 (or better) with at least 54 MB of RAM allocated to SW (tested, it works!). see: http://www.insignia.com for SoftWindows products for Mac and UNIX platforms
. You might also try VirtualPC from Connectix and actual PC cards from Orange Micro.

Note that there may be Macintosh-native versions of new worlds coming out, so keep an eye on the Avatar Teleport.

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