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Notice: the OZ Virtual world is no longer offered online,
check back with us in case OZ Inc. offers another online community world

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The World
OZ-virtual from OZ Interactive is straight from Iceland to you and has some of the coolest futuristic VRML clubs in the Metaverse. OZ is full of space stations, mysterious cities, kids funky farms and even a record store that plays music when you go up to the albums on display. It all runs on your PC from home, so join us in a journey to the worlds around the Dark Star! (note, this world is unfortunately no longer available online)

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Originally developed by: OZ Interactive
Size of download: no longer available

What went on there?
Your avatar can move in OZ with some of the coolest steps in Cyberspace. Boogie to the music at digital discoramas. Disco didn't die in Iceland and returns to you in Avatar Cyberspace. Explore many other OZ worlds, finely crafted by some of the finest virtual artists around! Talk with other citizens of OZ, watch out for bots playing tricks on you. (note, this world is unfortunately no longer available online)
Past Views
From the OZ universe
OZ 2
Boogie at the Avatar Discorama

OZ 1
Kids! Watch out for the cat at the Farmer John's

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