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There are many new virtual worlds which have avatars but are just now developing their communities. We expect these worlds will grow in the future and encourage you to give them a try. Check out:

    Featured Newly Released Worlds

Try Second Life,
exciting second
Avatar Cyberspace!
IMVU - cool new avatars in an Instant Message world!
New DigitalSpace Traveler released! There now
offers free basic membership!

TalkWorld from Etchinghill Studios and their new product Groupworld (customizable 3D voice chat)

Note: many of the links below may no longer be working, they could possibly be found by entering them into the WayBackMachine at The Internet Archive.

Microsoft's V-Chat is alive and well at some of the following sites

"BayKnight's Server" at: vchat://vchat.techin.net/Chat-KnightsHall (click here if you have V-Chat already installed)

BayKnight's Server (launches V-Chat)

Brand new world from France! Cryopolis from Cryonetworks
Microsoft VWorlds (see below)

Microsoft's Virtual Wolrds Platform
for research into the medium of virtual worlds, also see:
Microsoft's Virtual Worlds Group Home Page

Other New Worlds

Try the brand new Roomancer World
Visit Donnyworld, a java based animation chat world.
New but Seasoned Worlds
Deuxième Monde, virtual Paris for the Francophone world

    (now employing Blaxxun technologies)
DIVE from the Swedish Inst. of Computer Science (research environment with binaries available)
MUD and MOO text-based worlds

Open or Community Source Worlds
Oworld.org the open worlds community (a SIG of the Contact Consortium) and its Software Map listing open world projects
Immersive System's MEME worlds now released in open source under the MetaTopia Project
Try OpenVerse, a Cross Platform Tcl based open source world!
Chaco's Pueblo graphical addition to a MOO, now released in source code!

Non-Avatar (uninhabited) Worlds Atomic 3D's Neutron performance worlds
Eyematic's Shout3D java worlds

Pulse Networks' episodic performance worlds
Superscape's E-Visualizer and Viscape 3D browser, VWWW

Worlds that were

Communities.com, launched EC Habitats (Microcosm) in Beta and then the project was killed
Sony Imagework's Community Place Browser
Video avatars in NTT Software's videotar InterSpace Worlds
Intel's original IDMOO and IDMOO 2.0
Sensemedia's The Sprawl
Ligos' multi-user V-Realm

Scenes From
Brave New Worlds

French speaking Avatar in Deuxième Monde

NTT Interspace
A video avatar in NTT's InterSpace Worlds

Superscape's Viscape

The Sprawl
Sensemedia's The Sprawl (another MOO with VRML)
Note that this world may be offline now (RIP)

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