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Papers and Publications

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Seminal Publications Inspiring Biota.org

Late 1980s, Early 1990s: Chris Langton's What is Artificial Life?

1992: Steven Levy's Artificial Life, Quest for a New Creation

Publications by Bruce Damer, Contact Consortium et al

2000-present: Bruce Damer's interview for New Media Magazine Bruce Damer's Brave New World

1998: Bruce Damer's speech at Digital Biota 2, Cambridge UK

1998: Chapter for book with JC Heudin, Inhabited Virtual Worlds in Cyberspace

1997: Life in Digital Space: Bots, Biota and Virtual Pets, a chapter on Biota history in the online edition of Bruce Damer's book, AVATARS!

1997: Paper on Nerve Garden

1997: Avatars book chapter on Biota

1995: Amoeba, A Simulator for Molecular Nanotechnology

1995-present: Bruce Damer's general writings on Cyberspace

Writings and Interviews by Sue Wilcox

1999: The Artistic Spectrum of A-Life

1998: The Origin of CyberLife, an interview with Steve Grand

General Publications by other Biota authors

2000 Tom Ray's Aesthetically Evolved Virtual Pets inspired by Karl Sims' work on evolving virtual creatures

1999: Richard Gordon's The Hierarchical Genome & Differentiation Waves: Novel Unification of Development, Genetics & Evolution

1999: Joseph Nechteval's Immersive Ideals / Critical Distances: A Study of the Affinity Between Artistic Ideologies Based in Virtual Reality and Previous Immersive Idioms

1999: Galen Brandt's stirring rendition of Sarah Winchester at DB3

1999: A Fluidiom Perspective on Digital Biota 3, by Karl Erickson

1999: Another perspective on Digital Biota 3, by Gerald de Jong

1999: Jason Asbahr's paper Beyond: A Portable Virtual World Simulation Framework

1998: Is there an Artificial God? - Douglas Adams' speech at Digital Biota 2, Cambridge UK

1997: Written Reviews of Digital Burgess

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