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Biota.org Podcast - bringing artificial life developers, academics, users and musers together to discuss the history, the current direction and the future of artificial life. It is only appropriate that the history of the Biota Conferences be carried on in Podcast form for all to enjoy!

Biota At Home - planetwide effort to create networked digital ecosystems.

Older Projects

Biota/ALife Portal (blackboard image) - a comprehensive portal of all biologically-inspired software projects, products and research efforts meant to support general interest in Digital Biology and the Blockies project above. This portal has been built and is now the new content and format for biota.org (an early Darwin at Home).

Biota Creatures Gallery

Blockie Creatures - a project by Karl Sims.

Nerve Garden - a project to allow many users inexperienced with 3D virtual worlds to generate virtual plants from L-Systems and populate ''islands in the net''. Nerve Garden was successfully debuted at Siggraph 97's ''Electric Garden'' new technologies exhibit in Los Angeles CA, August 1997. NG1 was awarded an honorable mention at Ars Electronica 98 and featured in numerous art and technology exhibits and publications. Nerve Garden II is conceived as an extension of NG1 wherein the plant models grow, are pruned back by insect-like ''ployvores'' and subsequently evolve coping strategies.

Synthetic Ecosystems - the embodiment of the Nerve Garden project in an educational package. Framed as an (unsuccessful) NSF LIS grant application in February 1997, Synthetic Ecosystems stands today ready to be funded and developed for curriculum use.

Nerves - the original project of DigitalSpace Corporation that brought the Biota group together in mid-1995. Nerves was an effort to produce a fast token processing network to be a general tool in the use of biologically inspired systems. Implemented in C++ with a Windows GUI, Nerves was debuted at the Fourth Foresight Conference on Molecular Nanotechnology in Palo Alto in September 1995. Since then Nerves served as the Inspriation for Nerve Garden I and II, the Fluidiom project and DigitalSpace virtual worlds bot and world development efforts.

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