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Year 2009 Pictures
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Year 2007 Pictures
Year 2006 Pictures
Year 2005 Pictures
Year 2004 Pictures
Year 2003 Pictures
Year 2002 Pictures
Year 2001 Pictures
Year 2000 Pictures
Year 1999-98 Pictures

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Select Overseas and Otherwise Exotic Travel Pictures

Other Work and Project-Oriented Pictures
Bruce Pictures and all Other Pictures in this album also see the Digital Camera Collection

Year 2009 Pictures

Bruce and friends get a tour of Bletchley Park, home of the WWII codebreakers, with a demonstration of the Colossus Mark 2 Rebuild with Tony Sale & co. (Feb 21, 2009)

Bruce's presentation "pre Viva" presentation at the SMARTLab/UEL for transfer to PhD candidacy (Feb 16, 2009).

Bruce and Galen visit the "Treebones" resort on the Big Sur Coast in California (Feb 1, 2009) in Facebook.

Bruce and Galen visit the California Bull Elephant Seals on the Big Sur Coast in California (Feb 1, 2009) in Facebook.

Year 2008 Pictures

The 10th Anniversary event @ Ancient Oaks
(On 8-8-08!)

A Tour of the New Spaces @ Ancient Oaks
(August 2008)

Its Yuri's Night Bay Area at NASA Ames Research Center!
(April 12, 2008)

Peacocks invade Ancient Oaks Farm!
(Winter 2008)

Year 2007 Pictures

(start of) The Summer Harvest 2007 at Ancient Oaks Farm (Summer 2007)

Walkways, garden beds, and retaining walls projects (Summer-Fall 2007)

Trip to Prague
(April 2007)

Trip to Amsterdam and around Holland (Apr-May)
Speech at the Waag Society
(May 2, 2007)

The wedding of Marian Sun McNamee and Allan Lundell
(Capitola, California USA, Jan 1, 2007)

Year 2006 Pictures

Bruce Damer presents at the Santa Cruz Future Salon
(Santa Cruz, CA, Nov 17, 2006)

Robert Sward at Bookshop Santa Cruz
(Santa Cruz, CA, Sept 26, 2006)

AIAA Space 2006 Conference
(San Jose, Sept 20, 2006)

Second Life Community Convention
(San Francisco - August 2006)

Felling four giant oaks
(March-May 2006)

Ben's tree view of Ancient Oaks Farm

(March 2006)

Visit of James Brandt
(February 2006)

Year 2005 Pictures

Burning Man 2005
(Aug-Sept 2005)

Bruce and Galen's Canada trip 2005

(Kamloops, Shuswap, Vancouver, Victoria BC,
July 2005)

Garden project 2005

July 4th Parade in Boulder Creek, California (July 2005) Photo montage of Boulder Creek, California (July 2005)

Trip to Australia
(Maffra, Melbourne, Sydney, Queensland, Byron Bay and more, May 2005)

Live report! From "Mars on Earth"
at Hanksville Utah, Mars Desert Research Station (Mobile Agents field test, April 2005)

Trip to Capitol Reef National Park
(April 2005)

Trip to Moab & Arches National Park
(April 2005)

Flowering trees at Ancient Oaks, Late Winter 2005

First Exploration Conference, Kennedy Space Center, Atlas Launch, Florida
(Jan 31-Feb 3, 2005)

Launch of Darwin@Home, University of Southern California
(Jan 12, 2005)

Year 2004 Pictures

Year 2004 Photo Collage and New Years 2005 greetings
(January, 2005)

Back East in New Jersey and New York
(Christmas, 2004)

CatCam and PigCam @ Ancient Oaks Farm
(December, 2004)

Great shots of the pigs
(Winter 2004)

Huge Burn!
(Winter 2004)

At Oaxaca Mexico (MindStates conference)
Sept, 2004

Burning Man 2004
Aug-Sept, 2004

Journeys Through British Columbia, Canada (and family events)
July, 2004

Kamloops High School Centennial Homecoming and trip to Canada
July, 2004

Bruce and Galen during a CBS
TV taping at Ancient Oaks Farm
(July 2004)
Bruce and Galen in the Digibarn
(July 2004)

Galen in "bank photo" right
after our elopement/wedding (sept 2003)

Bruce in "bank photo" right
after our elopement/wedding (sept 2003)

Some Recent Pictures of Galen and Bruce

Views of Ancient Oaks Farm
July, 2004

SpaceShipOne launches
from Mojave, CA on June 21, 2004

Year 2003 Pictures

Galen and Bruce's trip to Thailand
(December, 2003)

A Web Gallery of Thai Houses
(December, 2003)

Galen and Bruce's trip to Singapore
(Nov 28-Dec 7, 2003)

Galen and Bruce's Boulder Creek wedding celebration (#5
) (Nov 22, 2003)

Galen and Bruce's Vancouver wedding celebrations (#3, #4)
(Nov 15-16, 2003)

Galen and Bruce's New Jersey wedding celebration (#2)
(Nov 2, 2003)

At Xplor 2003 in Atlanta (previewing the Worktop)
(Oct 2003)

Alto 30th Anniversary events and DigiBarn at the VCF
(Oct 10-12 2003)

Journeys in Pakistan via Zurich and Dubai
(Sept-Oct 2003)

Big news: Galen and Bruce marry
(September 7, 2003)

Burning Man 2003
(August-September 2003)

Big Fencing Project (July-August 2003)

SIGGRAPH 2003 in San Diego
(July 2003)

Big Family Gathering at Ancient Oaks
(July 2003)

plaNetwork 2003 Conference, San Francisco
(June 2003)

Ancient Oaks Garden Project moves into high gear! (May-June 2003)

Dennis Kucinich, Marianne Williamson and John Robbins speeches in Santa Cruz
(May 2003)

Rachel's Charm at Ancient Oaks
(March 2003)

Bruce and Galen's trip to Spain
(Feb 2003)

Bruce Damer's 41st birthday party
(Jan 31, 2003)

Death Valley Days, Tiger Trip
(Jan 27-28, 2003)

Antiwar protest in San Francisco, Jan 18, 2003

Trip to Washington DC, Smithsonian and the Mall

Year 2002 Pictures

Christmas in Canada

Three winter projects

Hardwood floors

Burns to prepare for new gardens

Deck stripping and sealing

Launch of Creative Commons and its new Licenses

Ancient Oaks Fall 2002 Views

Visit to Internet2 2002 Member's Meeting and
the University of Southern California and environs
(October 2002)

Visit to New York City and Ground Zero of the World Trade Center
(October 2002)

Camden Maine and the Pop!Tech conference
(October 2002)

Trip to Monterey and Point Lobos State Park
(Sept 2002)

Galen and Bruce's big end of Summer 2002 trip to Lake Tahoe,
California Route 49, Yosemite Valley, Tioga Pass Road,
Mono Lake and Markleeville
(Sept 2002)

Burning Man 2002 Photo Album!
(Aug-Sept 2002)

Pigging out on organic greens
at Ancient Oaks (Sept 2002)

Journeys through Ireland
(August 2002)

An Irish Wedding, in New Ross, County Wexford
, Galen's newfound relations (Aug 2002)

Visit to the Cabinet War Rooms in London
(August 1, 2002)

Visit to the House of Commons in London, and Ben Gold
(August 1,2002)

Afterlife Adobe Atmosphere User Convention
, July 2002, near Hamburg, Germany

SIGGRAPH 2002 pictures!
(San Antonio Texas, July 2002)

DigiBarn Computer Museum Opens!
(July 13, 2002)

Brandts and Wallaces visit 2002
, Aptos and Boulder Creek CA, July 2002

Building a fence @ Ancient Oaks
, Boulder Creek CA, June 2002

QuantumVIZ 1 Photo Album
, San Francisco, June 10, 2002

Spring views of Ancient Oaks
(April 2002)

CONTACT 2002 Conference Photo Album
(March 2002)

Bruce's 40th Birthday Party (a surprise party) at the Boulder Creek Brewery

Bruce and Galen's trip to the desert (and other places) Jan-Feb 2002

Photo Album of 12th Annual Digital Be-In
, San Francisco, January 12, 2002

Donna Compton's Birthday Party
, January 4, 2002

See images of Bruce on this page
and more events, travels and projects below..

Year 2001 Pictures

AVATARS 2001 CyberConference Report

The pigs of Ancient Oaks!
(November 2001 to present)

Wedding of Sue Bennett and Jim Rintoul
October 21, 2001

Paradox III @ Arcosanti conference photo album Sept 21-23, 2001

CyberArts X Photo Gallery Sept 15-16, 2001

BurningMan2001 pages

Scenes from SIGGRAPH
(August 15, 2001)

DigiBarn Computer Musuem Initiated!

Lark in the Morning Music Celebration
(August 8-11, 2001)

Prague Trip 2001!
and parts north and south in the Czech Republic

Pictures from Galen Brandt and Bruce Damer's presentation in Umea, Sweden in May 2001. More sweden picutres of Stockholm, Umea University, Umea Labs and Umea fun.

A first! snow at Ancient Oaks! February 2001

Year 2000 Pictures

The fabulous wedding of Lee Gilmore and Ron Meiners held at Ancient Oaks October 2000

We survived BurningMan2000!

Americans in Prague, a Personal Diary of life in Prague 1990-1996

Life on the farm at Ancient Oaks

Year 1999-98 Pictures

Report on: Avatars99 Colonizing Cyberspace

See my coverage of Burning Man 99

Galen Arrives!

Images of the Ancient Oaks and events at Ancient Oaks (beginning August 1998)

Rotary Rocket Roton ATV Rollout

Visit Virtual ALLChemical Art Galleries from 1999

Select Overseas and Otherwise Exotic Travel Pictures
(more to come here later)

Arizona, USA
Upper Austria
British Columbia
Berlin Germany
Northern California

Czech Republic: Prague Trip 2001!
and parts north and south in the Czech Republic
Czech Republic Camping in Southern Bohemia
Death Valley California
Germany, Nurenburg

I was there in London England for the Royal Wedding of Charles and Diana 1981

More of England
Florence Italy
Hawaii, Big Island in 1996
Hawaii, Honolulu and the Big Island in 1999

Hawaii Times on the Big Island and Maui with Galen in September 1999!

Venice Italy
Kennedy Space Center Florida, USA
Lake O'Hara, Yoho National Park, British Columbia Canada
Paris France, Eiffel Tower 100 years old
Rhodes Greece

Journey to SA Image
South African Travels: Swaziland, Kruger, Soweto

Sweden picutres of Stockholm, Umea University, Umea Labs and Umea fun.
Texas pig country
Vancouver, British Columbia Canada
Victoria, British Columbia Canada

Other Work and Project-Oriented Pictures

See the Star 8010 and Elixir Desktop: birth of the desktop metaphor

Screen shots, video, audio and images of Avatars98

For a big part of my background: see The Elixir Story

Avatars 97 official photo album

Earth to Avatars 96 Photo Album

Digital Burgess: Images of Conference and Trek to the Burgess Shale

Images from an architecture competition in cyberspace

Ace! In Memoriam: 1977-1980

See the.. Weird Machines! 1978-80

Bruce Beginnings

All Other Pictures in Archive and Digital Camera Collection

More pictures of Bruce

Some images of Bruce below and more images on this page

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