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New! Terence McKenna on the 'Natch
(video at home in Hawaii in virtual worlds with Bruce Damer)

ALLChemical Arts In Cyberspace

A virtual world and art gallery for the ALLChemical Arts Event was held Sept 12-17 in Kona Hawaii
Scenes from the Event
About the event and how to visit the Galleries
See Jupytr's pages on the event
Predecessor Event: Terence McKenna's ALLChemical Gathering
Scenes from the Event
AllChemical Arts World Event Gate
Inside the ALLChemical Art Gallery
Pollen Gallery
About the event and how to visit the Galleries
1pm Pacific Standard Time Thursday 16th of Septemberinside cyberspace,
in Active Worlds
Event is over, but you can visit the galleries Share in the experience of the ALLChemical Arts Conference being held right now in Hawaii by joining us in a 3D virtual world filled with the art and concepts of artists at this event. We and a dedicated group of volunteers are building this world for you right now and you can visit today and hang your works in the galleries. On Thursday Sept 16 at 1pm Pacific Standard Time we will present the world and you live to the audience here in Kona. We hope to see you there! We will gather "in avatar" inside the 3D virtual world online.
Download and install Active Worlds from:
(this is Windows only but runs on Mac-based Windows emulators like soft windows or virtualPC) Enter the world and wait for the 3D scene and views of other people to stream in. To get to Hyperborea, the area hosting the AllChemical Virtual Conference, click on the Teleport pulldown at the top of the screen and select "To..". Next click on World and replace the world name in that field with the name "theu" (no quotes), that is the letters THEU. You will teleport to the landing point for TheU virtual university. Before you will appear a gateway called "Hyperboreal Gate". Walk up to it (use the forward arrow on your keyboard to move forward) and go thru it.. and JOIN THE GATHERING and help us celebrate the ALLChemical Arts Conference, and support Terence McKennas' virtual world cyberspace communities. In this event we will be visiting psychadelically inspired galleries in the worlds Nsideout and Pollen (thanks Jupytr, Thorus and Facter).

the Active Worlds client software with 3D window, chat below, web on the right Download and install Active Worlds and then you can click to teleport to the landing point in TheU at the Hyperborea gate (when the dialogue comes up, scroll up to where you installed active worlds, probably c:\Active Worlds and select AWORLD to run)

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The prredecessor event: Terence McKenna's ALLChemical Gathering (Feb 1999)

Bruce interview by Erik Davis about Terence McKenna and virtual worlds

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