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Hear Bruce on his Dr.Bruce's Levity Zone podcast here
Hear Bruce on the Psychedelic Salon podcast here
Hear Bruce on the Biota Podcast here
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Find all of Bruce's audio, video and images associated with the Levity Zone at this colleciton at the Internet Archive.


Dr. Bruce's Levity Zone
December 31, 2012 - Dr.Bruce's Levity Zone podcast and rich media site launches!

August 30, 2012
- Dr.Bruce presents "Genesis Engines" at Burning Man 2012 (MP3 download here)

June 15-17 2012 - Dr. Bruce Damer and Lorenzo Hagerty present Terence McKenna: Beyond 2012 at the Esalen Institute. Dr.Bruce's talks: "Deep Dive into the Mind of Terence McKenna" and "Esalen Redux".

January 28, 2012
- Dr. Bruce Damer and Lorenzo Hagerty in Terence McKenna: Beyond 2012 (Part1, Part2, Part3, Part4)

January 4, 2012 - Bruce Damer and Galen Brandt appear together on C-Realm podcast #291 in High Energy and Low Latency riffing with KMO about about what it’s like to have crossed the threshold into 2012 after so many years of having our expectations built up listening to Terence McKenna talk about novelty and concrescence. Other topics of discussion include upgrading our personal and societal operating systems.


November 19, 2011 - Dr. Bruce Damer on KSCO with “Conservatives Confront the Ideas of Occupy: A Radical Remake of America” (See the Dr. Future show version at KSCO Santa Cruz here and the RadicalRemake wiki here).


July 13, 2010 -
Bruce Damer's talk at the October Gallery, Holborn, London, UK "Egos, Elves and Avatars - Tools to Forge or Forego a New Earth" (audio podcast on Shamanic Free Radio here: Part1 and Part2).

August 19, 2010 - Three part 1999 conversation between Terence McKenna and Bruce Damer from McKenna Archives on YouTube.

June 21, 2010 - Bruce was interviewed by Piero Scarfuffi of Leonardo.

June 17, 2010 - Hear Bruce with Al Lundell on their long awaited (and short lived) "TubCasts" here.

June 7, 2010 - Bruce is featured in a podcast on the Psychedelic Salon on the subject of his conversation with the late Terence McKenna at his house in Hawaii in February 1999.

March 28, 2010 - Bruce is featured in a podcast on the Psychedelic Salon on the subject of the EvoGrid, the Ultimate Nerd Project and other subjects such as the future of human civlization and how festival culture might help to save the world. Note that this piece was extracted from a 2009 interview for the upcoming documentary "Fall and Winter".

Bruce featured on the BBC World Service Radio programme The Forum and you can listen to his segments here (March 2010)


November 11, 2009 - Bruce Damer returns to the C-Realm podcast #179 on the subject of Unspeakably Unlikely with KMO talking about about the incredibly improbable development of an organic intelligence that creates virtual worlds and how the use of virtual worlds may reveal the mechanisms by which biological evolution got its start. Bruce explains why he thinks the mechanism of Moore’s Law is unlikely to spawn emergent machine intelligence.

May 20, 2009:
"The Boundaries of the Human Mind" presentation by Bruce Damer at the 2007 Palenque Norte lectures at Burning Man (from Psychedelic Salon).

April 8, 2009: New: Interviews of Bruce Damer by Henry Lowood of Stanford for the Preserving Virtual Worlds project

Part 1 - Henry Lowood introduces question as to how a computer got to be thought of as a space, early history of Bruce,
college, imaginal worlds, board games designs, early computer experience PDP/11, Telidon shuttle animation, Xerox Star, vision of 3D physics worlds in 1982, passion for space, IBM TJ Watson Research Center (1984), USC graphical projects & cellular automata (1985), Annenberg School (1986), Elixir Technologies career, derived from INTRAN on PERQ from Xerox Alto, Elixir Prague (1990-94), Charles University, NAU SolSys MUD, Snow Crash, 1994 van journey, SIGGRAPH/Myron Kreuger, Santa Fe Institute, locating in Boulder Creek near Silicon Valley, to code or to create organizations, Contact Consortium vision (1994) and realization, CONTACT conference (1995) formation of Consortium, Larry Niven, first experience in Worlds Chat (May 1995), Mitra, brainstorming, AlphaWorld & Ron Britvich, demo in Nice, France (May 1995) installing WC at Internet cafe in Nice/Derrick de Kerckhove.

Part 2
- Derrick de Kerckhove/McCluhan Program, Worlds Chat in 1995, the rise of the use of the term Virtual World and why it is not Virtual Reality, Pavel Curtis and LambdaMoo, Paul Saffo, the term "in-world", VR had negatives, Virtual Worlds are about people, Myron Kreuger and Artificial Reality, quote from Avatars book (1997), Second Life, Philip Rosedale and the rebirth of the term Virtual Worlds and Avatars, glossary of terms, science fiction connections, Ivan Sutherland & mathematical worlds, Sutherland at the LINC, Galen Brandt as one of the first avatars in Videoplace, crossover of communities (VR to Earth to Avatars conference in 1996), the influences of VWs from MUDs, Doom, 1980s flight simulators, SIGGRAPH, VRML,

Feb 16, 2009: Bruce Damer's presentation (download 33MB MP3) at the SMARTLab/UEL "pre Viva" presentation for transfer to PhD candidacy. See photos here.
Play streaming audio here:

Hear Bruce on other Podcasts

January 21, 2009 - Bruce Damer is back on the C-Realm podcast #138 to discuss: God & the Copying Rule with KMO talking about what the pursuit of artificial life tells us about the possible nature and intentions of God. What limitations does the complexity of the human brain place on God’s scope of action?


December 2008 - Bruce directed and narrated EvoGrid the Movie (animated by Ryan Norkus)

September 29, 2008 - Bruce was the guest on
another special edition of The Space Show which can be heard here.

October 1, 2008 - A Random Walk with Bruce Damer on C-Realm podcast #122 with KMO discussing a range of topics including space colonization, artificial intelligence, the singularity, and some more realistic but still heady possibilities.


October 1, 2007: Bruce was the guest on a 90 minute live radio show called The Space Show, hosted by Dr. David Livingston. Listen to the show here.

August, 2007 - Bruce Damer “The Ultimate Revelation: How Rare We Are in the Universe” at the "Playalogues" at Burning Man 2007, hosted by Lorenzo Hagerty of the Palenque Norte series on Psychedelic Salon.

May 2, 2007 - Bruce's Waag Society presentation "What did Spock See?" for Cyber Salvations and find photos, audio and slides here.


Nov 17, 2006: Bruce Damer presented at the Santa Cruz Future Salon "Will bona fide life evolve from within human technology (and what are the consequences of this happening)?" at Borders Books in Santa Cruz, California.


Talk, partially recorded

(10MB MP3)
Questions and answers
(24MB MP3)

Sept 2, 2005: Palenque Norte at the MAPS dome, Burning Man 2005. Photos of session

Transcription of this speech here (thanks John Paul Castiaux!).

Sample music remixes of this speech here and here (fewer words, set to cool music "Elementary Particles") (thanks Adam!).


September, 2004 - Bruce Damer's Oaxaca Mindstates 2004 podcast of "The Great Project of the Universe”.

September, 2004 - Wordstream #1 at MindStates, Oaxaca, Mexico, "A Universal Mindstate-rev2" (47.5 MB MP3)
and Questions & Answers (13 MB MP3). Photos of session

Transcription of this speech here (thanks Pohn Paul Castiaux!).

Wordstream #2 at MindStates, Oaxaca, Mexico, "Consequences of a Two Speed Mind" (62.5 MB MP3)
with questions and answers included (Sept 2004). Photos of session

Palenque Norte #2 at Burning Man 2004 "A Universal Mindstate" (31 MB MP3) (Sept 2004). Photos of session


Aug 2003: Terence McKenna once called Bruce Damer “a visionary's visionary,” and Bruce certainly lived up to that reputation in his 2003 Burning Man presentation. Combining subjects as diverse as evolution, psychedelic experiences, and physics, he builds a mental construct to rival Olaf Stapleton's classic work Starmaker. In addition to Bruce's ideas about a conscious universe, we were also treated to an inspiring rap by his wife, Galen Brandt, as she explains the lure of the Burning Man experience.
Click here to listen to "The Day the Universe Became Conscious" at the Palenque Norte podcasts. Thanks to Lorenzo Hagerty for providing this in convenient MP3 and podcasting formats!

Most grateful thanks to Terence Mckenna, Lorenzo Hagerty, Galen Brandt and many, many others for their inspiration and support for these ideas.

More on Palenque Norte at Burning Man 2003:

August 28, 2003: Burning Man 2003 Braiding Salon speech, shorter streaming version of the "Universe" in
Realplayer video and audio at 256K (DSL, Cable - 26.5MB)

Also see Bruce Damer's 2003 Burning Man (and Palenque Norte) photo album.

Audo here!

Aug-Sept, 2003 - BBC Radio 4 coverage of Burning Man 2003 with Peter Day (broadcast November 2003): (25MB MP3 audio). See photos of Burning Man 2003 and the BBC crew's experience "on the playa" here.


2002 Presentations

YouTube video here!

or download WMV file here (53MB)

October, 2002 - Bruce Damer's Pop!Tech 2002 speech on stage at the opera house in Camden Maine and see photos and powerpoints of Bruce's session at PopTech here.

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