Darwin@Home - Board of Advisors

Darwin@Home is privileged to be advised by the following visionary thinkers and practitioners in a number of fields (in alphabetical order):

    James Burke, science journalist and creator of the Connections and The Day the Universe Changed TV series, Mr. Burke follows all things at the cutting edge of science and technology.

    Gerald de Jong: creator of Fluidiom and other projects incoporating elastic interval geometry and lightweight and open source Java components. Gerald contributed the name "Darwin@Home" for this endeavor.

    Brig Klyce, creator of the Panspermia.org project and sponsor of the concept of proof / disproof that evolution can occur in a closed system, a possible outcome of the Darwin@Home initiative.

    Jaron Lanier: coined the term "virtual reality" in the 80s, Jaron developed many of the technologies for virtual environments and immersion and is an accomplished composer and musician.

    Tom Ray: developed Tierra, the first networked digital ecosystems with genome data structures exhibiting properties of evolution. Tom is currently involved in the chemical architecture of the mind.

Karl Sims: created some of the first software to exhibit traits of evolutionary behavior, including the "evolving virtual creatures" on the Connection Machine in the early 1990s, and helped to ignite the art movement utilizing genetic algorithms to create art through "genetic cross dissolves" and "aesthetic natural selection".

Demetri Terzopoulos: led efforts to design algorithms and software for a wide variety of leading edge applictions including virtual fishes that automatically adapt to learning optimized swimming behaviors.

Jeffrey Ventrella: created some of the first, and still some of the best, biologically inspired computer games including Darwin Pond and Gene Pool. Jeffrey was chief technologist at a number of firms, including There, a multi user virtual environment company.

Larry Yaeger: developed some of the earliest handwriting recognition software for Apple's Newton and built PolyWorld, an SGI-based polygon universe with adaptive neural nets driving evolving behavior. PolyWorld is now in the open source domain.

Others to be announced here soon.

Other participants in the Biota conference series will be called on for advice on the project from time to time.

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