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Jan 13, 2004: Darwin@Home covered in New Scientist

Jan 12, 2005:
Bruce Damer of DigitalSpace formally announced the Darwin@Home initiative at a talk titled "Virtual worlds beyond games: From your street corner to the dunes of Mars" at the University of Southern California School of Cinema/TV, Robert Zemeckis Center. See the announcement of this event here.

Jan 11, 2005: Second architectural design meeting at USC.

Dec 2004: Gerald de Jong contributed name "Darwin@Home" to project.

Nov 2004: Second meeting at USC, announcement at Jan 12, 2005 presentation is planned, structure of Spring internship discussed.

Oct 14, 2004: USC team meets for first time to discuss the formalization of the Biota platform internship project.

Jun 2001: Fourth Biota conference "Digital Biota 4" held at San Jose State Univ. USA

Jun 2000: AlivePrize conceived by Bruce Damer and Jake Bowman.

Nov 1999: Third Biota conference "Digital Biota 3" held at San Jose State Univ. USA

Sep 1998: Second Biota conference "Digital Biota 2" held at Magdalene College, Cambridge, UK

Aug-Sep 1997: First Biota conference "Digital Burgess" held in Banff, Alberta, Canada.

Jul 1996: Biota.org conceived.

Mar 1995: Contact Consortium founded.

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