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The Intercommons (definition: Internet Commons or Interconnection of Commons) is a clearing house and research and development forum for ideas and designs for new forms of human organization using the medium of Cyberspace.

Increasingly shareholder corporations, governments and other traditional models of organization are failing to meet their objectives and increasingly are not even surviving. This widespread failure is occuring against the backdrop of the growth of the new organizational medium of Cyberspace. The Intercommons was created to merge old and new ideas of human collboration with the tools and methogologies of virtual communities to create highly effective, shared-stakeholdership organizations that can thrive and persist for the long term.

As there are many efforts afoot to promote new organizational paradigms often centered around the concept of a "commons", we hope that this effort can serve as an interconnection of mutually compatible commons projects.

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Recent News:
November 15, 2002: DigitalSpace Corporation adopts
Intercommons organizational design

The Digital Space Commons

Recently a privately held, successful, seven year old company, DigitalSpace Corporation, voted to adopt the Intercommons organizational design "Code of the Commons" and reorganize itself as a for-profit non-stock member/licensee company, changing its name to The Digital Space Commons. We will be following the process at this company closely and reporting updates on this site and on our list.

Other News: Creative Commons launched May 16th, 2002

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