Introducing Meet3D/Java Edition 1.0

Try out Meet3D 1.1 worlds rendered by
Shout3D and Anfy3D

Click here for the userguide, or just dive in by selecting from the worlds below.
No plugin is needed, it just works with any Java enabled browser.
(note that Netscape on the Mac is not supported yet but Mac IE is supported)
Rendered with Shout3D

Personalization Spaces Presented at Fall 2000 Comdex
(single user)
Multi User
Comdex Keynote sales space
Comdex tech support space

Single User
Comdex offline space (sales)
Comdex offline space (support)

The Little School House

CASBO Office

Forested Little School House

The Virtual Discussion Room

The Universe Gateway

Cybertradeshow spaces from our friends in Prague
(single user)
Rendered by Anfy3D Click here for the userguide

The "Storefront" world

The DS Team Room

Javascript Controls Navigation Version

Javascript Test Bed Version

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Build 027 Test Worlds (directory listing)Build 031 Test Worlds (These are Meet2D chat only, but will be added to all Meet3D worlds: directory listing)
Also try out our Meet2D advanced Java Text chat and conferencing
We would like to express thanks to the DigitalSpace Meet3D Team and our developer community:
Many fine Meet3D worlds
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