NoFurthur Art Bus Studio

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We are looking for help, especially a multicolored paint job and getting her back on the road! If you can help, please contact me!

News from NoFurthur!

New! NoFurthur is now part of Ancient Oaks Retreat! (August 8th, 2008)
(connected to the Vision Hut and OctoStage)

NoFurthur is home to Cyberwearz Fashions!
(see videos of NoFurthur inside)

Olds from NoFurthur!

A tour of the studio
(April 2005)

Discovery Channel Shoot for
"How William Shatner Changed the World"
(March 1, 2005)
Program aired on Discovery and History
Channels but bus segment was dropped :(

The CyberDoublet:
The first in the Cyberwearz
Line, design, materials &

Rennaissance Doublet:
The building of a garment
(Nov-Dec 2004)
The Studio gets
a facelife (and a soundlift)

(March 2005)

Visitors who Got On The Bus!

History of Furthur and NoFurthur

Ken Kesey's Furthur and now... NoFurthur

NoFurthur needs a new paint job, preferably multi-colored, if you know how to help, contact me!
Contact me
if you want to get on the bus!