The Planetary Mood Ring
The '60 Second Idea to Change the World' by Bruce Damer
featured on the BBC World Service Radio programme The Forum

Drawing by Emily Kasriel, The Forum on BBC World Service Radio

What is the Planetary Mood Ring? Click here to find out!

To send us your moodies use one of the following three methods:

Twitter us at: @planetarymood (9 followers!)
Join our our Facebook page: Planetary Mood Ring (19 fans!)
Email us at: (1 so far!)
Or fill in and post our web form (10 so far!)

Emoticons to use for your Moodie:

:) or :-)
:( or :-(
:o or :O

Shocked or Surprised
or no feeling

How to build your Moodie if sent by email, twitter or text:
[your moodie emoticon] [your city, country or GPS location]: [reason for your mood]

Example Moodies:

;-) Johannesburg, South Africa: I am happy about the upcoming World Cup
=( Jacksonville FL USA: I am anxious about paying my mortgage
:| Rawalpindi, Pakistan: I am bored with this call center job

Or use our convenient web form to construct and submit your Moodie

Want to help us process all these Moodies to create the interactive world map? Contact me!

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Project and site launched March 12, 2010 by Bruce Damer