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The Interviews

First interview and broadcast by Allan Lundell: February.28.2000
Interviewing Galen Brandt and Bruce Damer on what StateOfTheNerd will be about

Second interview and broadcast by Allan Lundell: February.28.2000
Live from San Francisco Pisces Party hosted by Phil Chang, February 26, 2000.
A new concept from Steve Follmer, cofounder of Live365, about having your personal net radio everywhere ..
even in your car, is this a new concept in airways liberation?

Early history of

  • Concept for Stories from the Cybertribe: Mid 1999
  • Name thought up: Dec.1999
  • Domain came live: Feb.?.2000
  • Galen Brandt's put-it-together brainstorming: Feb.27.2000

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Produced at the Bridge on the Ridge and broadcast from the DigiBarn at
the Digital Garden @ Ancient Oaks deep in the Redwoods of Northern California

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