The Virtual Bauhaus Project
Kigge Hivid's response to the idea of the VBH

Dear Bruce
Beeing a dane … we are a lot into the Bauhaus work, the ideas behind and the products. Do you realize that the tradition of Bauhaus, also used by great Danish designers from the fifties is what we in Index: consider being the shoulders we stand on?
As we see it, the designers of that tradition did not do great and beautiful design, what they really did, was to improve life for people. Houses with more light, more space, better hygiene, easier cleaning etc.

That the actually did great buildings, great furnitures, great textiles, fantastic lamps etc, we a bi product of the process, which actually had a higher meaning than style. This is what we in INDEX: calls the social and democratic design tradition on which shoulders we stand.
… Oh yes! Just a little INDEX: pocket philosophy.
A virtual design studio of the future!! Sounds like a great thought, fun and necessary!
In a moment I’ll sent you and the other future boys a note about, how we se INDEX: Future Scenario and the process leading up to that right now.
A virtual design studio of the future in not actually included. But we have been thinging about, how we could let our audience (professionals and non professionals) at the exhibition sites and on the web, be activly involved in creating the future and designing for the future. Could your idea be the tool to make that possible. And does a system/software to be able to to that exist?

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