Virtual Worlds Timeline:
the Origins and Evolution of Social Virtual Worlds

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The HUMlab at Umea University, Sweden.

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Some key early artifacts:

Short promotional video for LucasFilm's Habitat (8 minutes). This work is copyright LucasFilm.

Also go to the direct Google video link for a higher resolution view of this wonderful film from the very birth of the virtual worlds medium.

LucasFilm's Habitat & Club Caribe, live demo recorded in Summer 1988 byt Kevin Elkin (thanks Randy Farmer for providing these excerpts). These items are copyright LucasArts Entertainment and Quantum Comm Svcs.

Habitat Part 1 of 2

Habitat Part 2 of 2, Club Caribe Part 1 of 3

Club Carive Part 2 of 3


Club Carive Part 3 of 3

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