Virtual Worlds Timeline:
the Origins and Evolution of Social Virtual Worlds

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Bruce Damer's presentation on the Origins and Evolution of Social Virtual Worlds

Virtual Worlds Timeline: The Origins, Evolution and Future of Virtual Worlds (73MB Powerpoint) for the Virtual Worlds SIG of the Silicon Valley SDForum (March 26, 2007) and basis for the upcoming European lecture tour. See the image version of this powerpoint here (page1 (slides 1-188) and page2 (slides 189-288).
Thanks to Alexa Smith, hear the audio of this presentation here (60 MB MP3).

30 minute version of Virtual Worlds Timeline (also grab the movies for this powerpoint to re-associate: Tom Uban plays Maze War | Avatars98 cyberconference tour | Traveler by CNET)

Prior shortened version of the Presentation (13MB Powerpoint) given to the Modesto Junior College (Jan 2007)

Presented first at Linden Labs Oct 27, 2006 and at the Metaverse Meetup, New York City, Nov 24, 2006.

Powerpoint Version here (22MB)

PDF Version here (25MB)

HTML Version here (works best in IE)

European Speaking Tour Schedule - see schedule at this link

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