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Where People are in Atmosphere

Adobe Atmosphere Stats
Atmosphere Environment Stats from Cyber3D
Atmosphere Universal Stats Page from

Community Event Sites

Star Wars Spectacular
Visit all the extraordinary worlds of the Star Wars Spectacular
3D Halloween!
The Atmosphere 3D Halloween Challenge
Welcome to T. H E C R Y P T.
The Crypt is a gloomy forgotten world of the dead. Venture into the foggy night but beware the creatures that lurk there.

Atmosphere Community and News Sites

Atmospherians News
Read the newsletters from Atmospherians

Atmosphere News
News, Facts and Entertainment around Atmosphere

Atmosphere Central
Developer News & Resources for the Atmosphere

Addicted to Atmosphere!
Atmosphere Info,3-D World Links, Free Stuff

Hearts Tours
Be a World Traveler!!!

Access All Areas
Check out Cyber 3D's new Musician's and Fan's Community - 'Access All Areas'.

Atmo Work
Jim Coe's Atmo Work site with many tutorials on lighting, audio, scripting, etc

Learn about Atmosphere!
Go to for more scheduling info and logs of the chats.

LadyBunny's Trivia
Join LadyBunny and the gang for some exciting trivia events

The Forum Lounge in 3D
A place much like the old HW where we can gather to chat about atmosphere. Please feel free to drop by and stay awhile!

Atmosphere News, Interviews, Resources, Directory, Links and More.

Atmosphere Infopool
Environments, Resources, Tools and Tutorials for Adobe Atmosphere Users and Developers

Portuguese Help and Discussion Group

Atmosphere News, Directory, Links and More.

Brazilian Atmosphere Site

Adobe Atmosphere User to User Forums
Adobe's user to user forum

The Avatar Zone
A forum for Avatar creators

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