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Virtual World Platforms

Bruce Damer's Avatar Teleport has links to virtual worlds platforms. Active Worlds and The Palace and VRML are commonly used platforms in the educational setting.

Sandy Ressler's Web3D at is a veritable goldmine of current resources on everything 3D including one of the most extensive link lists to multi-user 3D worlds in his Multi-User Section.

Active Worlds is a top choice of educators using 3D MUVEs. See especially their Education Universe where educators are offered an opportunity to have their own free world for building exploration.

The Active Worlds Community Pages contain resources and support services for AW users.

Awedu has hosted monthly roundtables for educators and world developers to share their projects and lessons in the field. See this year's roundtable transcripts for excellent tips and references.

Virtual World Building Tutorials

Virtual Reality and Education Laboratory (VREL) School of Education, East Carolina University features extensive bibliographies, links to tools and tutorials and Veronica Pantelidis's online virtual reality and education classes.

Rob Polevoi's 3D Animation Workshop at hosts the best comparisons of the tools and features tutorials on VRML, 3D Studio Max, Pulse 3D and many others.

Bruce Damer's Advanced Course at Avatars University is a quick tutorial through various tools and platforms. features excellent tutorials to vrml, truespace, 3D studio max and many others plus links to 3D programming, hardware, books, textures and objects.

More Coming Here Soon

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